Thomas Hood

By day I am a researcher in artificial intelligence.

By night I was a user of and contributor to Debian between 2000 and 2005 inclusive. I am or used to be maintainer or co-maintainer of a number of Debian packages but I never became an official DD. I wrote most of the networking chapter of the Debian Reference about one year prior to the release of sarge. Looking at my e-mail archive and at the 700 or so archived bug reports under my name, I estimate that I have made contributions of one sort or another (mostly minor) to about sixty different Debian packages. I drastically reduced my Debian activities in early 2006. Since 2005 I have become increasingly interested in Ubuntu and I currently use Breezy on all my systems. I think that Ubuntu is the natural successor to Debian. I plan to spend more time becoming familiar with the project and looking for ways to help. It's hard because Ubuntu is so well maintained already!


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