Thomas Templin, coastGNU

I'm not a Debian or Ubuntu Developer, nore in the NM or Motu queue. I did some event organisation in germany. mostly organizing Hardware for fairs like LinuxTag, Systems, LWE, etc. and beeing present at boothes.

I'm known for:

  • doing "PR" stuff like event managing
  • organizing hardware support and sponsoring for projects, fairs and events
  • beeing a SAB13FL 1

  • my Frisian Temper 2

Location: 53° 31' 31", 8° 6' 7"; Wilhelmshaven, Germany
LANG: nds_de
TZ: UTC+1; Europe/Berlin
Email: <templin AT SPAMFREE gnuwhv DOT de>
IRC-Nick: coastGNU on freenode
Web: coastGNU Meadows



    • Self-Appointed Benevolent Semi-Professional Specialist for Agitation and Propaganda in the Name of Free Software for Life
    • Frisians are not known for having any diplomatic behaviours or attitudes. Ancient Romans Tacitus and Plinius (the elder) judged this over 1900 years ago

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