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 {*} Get TCK running again for OpenJDK
 {*} Become an Ubuntu Core Developer
 {*} Keep OpenJDK packages up-to-date
 {*} Get TCK running again for OpenJDK <<BR>>
 {*} Become an Ubuntu Core Developer <<BR>>
 {*} Keep OpenJDK packages up-to-date <<BR>>
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 {*} Ubuntu Forums: TBD  {*} Ubuntu Forums: TBD <<BR>>
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 {*} TBD  {*} TBD <<BR>>
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 {*} I have to find the links, but I edited a couple around bugsqad/bugcontrol  {*} I have to find the links, but I edited a couple around bugsqad/bugcontrol <<BR>>

Launchpad ID:




Ubuntu Forums:





About Me

I'm currently an Ubuntu Java Maintainer working for Canonical.

I have used Linux since 1997, initially trying Slackware until I got burned. Dialing down from advanced level to beginner I then moved to Conectiva, and after a learning period I was able to move around other distros, like Debian, SuSe, and even back to Slackware. Since then I moved around Debian (and derivatives, including Ubuntu), Gentoo, RHEL, to finally stick for a few years with Archlinux. Meanwhile that I got introduced to tiling window managers, which I only left aside for the few moments I *had* to run something that was not properly supported at the time - how glad I'm that nowadays everything just works®!

Now working on Canonical (yay!) I'm back to Ubuntu (but still sticking to i3).

Team Memberships

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Future Plans & Projects

Provide awesome OpenJDK packages for Ubuntu and Debian, keep a clean bug backlog, work on FTBFS/merges/transitions, move patches upstream and/or down to Debian, sponsor stuff (after I get the power for it)

Current Project & Goals

  • Ubuntu Get TCK running again for OpenJDK
    Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Core Developer
    Ubuntu Keep OpenJDK packages up-to-date


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Forums: TBD

Forum Guides:

  • Ubuntu TBD


  • Ubuntu I have to find the links, but I edited a couple around bugsqad/bugcontrol



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