Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/people/tim-adam

Email: <tim dot adam at telenet dot be>

About me

I'm a Belgian (Flemish) ICT engineer interested in open source software development and network security.

Although i have to work mostly on the Windows platform for my job, i try to invest some time to learn how to handle the open source platforms, since i feel i will be needing the experience within some years when Linux will take over the enterprise network as Desktop OS. I believe that taking Linux as a desktop environment in the office would increase productivity and security.

The remaining time i develop network/intranet applications, websites and webservices. I ususally develop in one of these languages depending on my needs:

  • Visual Basic (.NET)
  • Python (Django)
  • PHP 5 (CodeIgniter)


Responsible for a distribution point in Oostduinkerke, Belgium. Check out the map of personal distribution points.

Member of the ubuntu-be mailing list.


I have tried out various Linux distributions at home such as Debian, Archlinux, SUSE, Mandriva as secondary OS and a load of live cd's such as Gnoppix, Knoppix STD, Helix, Gentoo before i found Ubuntu. I kinda like the way the Ubuntu community sticks together.

Currently i'm running Ubuntu as primary OS on my Travelmate 290 and Toshiba T 8000, and i'm still learning new tricks thanks to the documentation & the forums. At work i recuperated an Mac G3 PowerPc that was about to be thrown away by installing Ubuntu on it. I've encountered a lot of boundaries and restrictions when trying to get it to work, but in some kind of way i feel it has only helped me to understand how Ubuntu works from the inside out.


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