Well, what can I say?

I've been using Ubuntu since 4.10, and I love it. I wish that restricted codecs came with it, like with Mepis, but hey, I won't complain much. _

I have organised 3 local efforts involving Ubuntu, including one to switch home users to a FOSS base, and one to convert local businesses to a non-proprietary OS that succeeded pretty well. I've organised a small group of us just before Dapper was released to go through the OS and report any remaining bugs. It was a dud, becuase we didn't find many, but we had fun.

I've been working a lot lately, and have 3 jobs at the moment, so I don't have much time. My daughter and wife take up a lot of it, and since I had a child at 16, and was married on my 17th birthday, I matured a lot faster than most people. Since this happened, and I loved computers to begin with, I made them my career. Though I never got the chance to go to college, I haven't given up hope that while working in the industry (software testing) that I might get a college degree. Being 19, I wouldn't look out of place there, so I feel pretty comfortable with the prospect.

I suppose that I chose Ubuntu becuase of it's Mantra. I think that it is noble to have such a goal, and I'm proud to be part of a linux community focused on helping people, instead of aserting supiriority over them. (Which all linux users know they have _)

I have a site right now that I am hosting on an Ubuntu box at http://www.dragonfyre13.com/ it keeps me busy, and I am constantly revising it. It has quite a few Ubuntu links, and a wiki dedicated to Ubuntu, and to linux in general on it, that I use for personal referance constantly.

I'm working towards my "Ubuntu Certification" through LPI so that I can prove to employers that I am capable as well. I have a small beowulf cluster at home that I really don't use for much (4 old 386's) and I run 6 computers other than that.

  • 3 Ubuntu Machines (1 Dapper, 2 Breezy)
  • 1 Mythdora Machine
  • 1 Gentoo Machine

My Mythdora machine is my Mythbox, and my Gentoo machine is simply a graphics and video editing computer. The Gentoo box is by far the fastest, with dual 3Ghz Xeons, 8GB ram, nVidia 7800 GTX, 4 500GB SATA2 Hard Disks (Raid 5).

Ubuntu was actually my first Linux OS, and I still remain true to it. While it doesn't have the codecs installed by default, I think that it still comes out above all other distros in the end.


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