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=== Queue ===

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=== Approved specs ===

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=== Edited specs ===

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=== Draft specs ===

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=== BrainDumps ===

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=== Orphans ===
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Email: [[MailTo(]]

I'm the AMD64 czar working on fixing bugs specific to the AMD64 platform. I am employed by Canonical Limited to work on improving Ubuntu.

The easiest way to get hold of me is usually IRC where I go by the nick Mithrandir, but jabber ( or email ( also works.

In the spirit of package maintainenance in Ubuntu, I don't "own" any packages, but I do certainly care more for some than for others. Most of the ones I care about are the same as in Debian, such as pyblosxom, mailman, sash and mozilla-thunderbird.

One of the things I try to get into Ubuntu is proper multiarch support, which will enable us to get rid of the evil hacks that and ia32-libs* are.



FullSearch(TollefFogHeenQueue -title:TollefFogHeenActivity -title:TollefFogHeen)

Approved specs

Second) ApprovedSpecification -SpecAssignments)

Edited specs

Second) regex:EditedSpec(ification)? -SpecAssignments )

Draft specs

Second) regex:DraftSpec(ification)? -title:SpecProcess -SpecAssignments)


Second) BrainDump -title:SpecProcess -SpecAssignments)


[[FullSearch(regex:TollefFogHeen(Lead|Second) -regex:(Approved|Edited|Draft)Spec(ification)? -BrainDump -title:SpecProcess -SpecAssignments)]]

Email: MailTo(


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