About Me

Well, I'm 18 years old student from Czech Republic. I've been using Linux since 2001(Debian potato 2.2). I also have been using FreeBSD(FreeBSD 6 and FreeBSD 7). And I can program in a few languages.

Contact Informations

My programming skills

  • Basic (Well QBASIC, it was ages ago)
  • Pascal (including Object Pascal, Turbo Pascal and Free Pascal)
  • HTML 4.0
  • XHTML 1.1
  • Javascript (I learnt it before times of AJAX so I know only basics of Ajax)
  • CSS 2.1 (And I'm looking forward to using CSS 3)
  • PHP (Mainly 4.x but as soon as possible I want to learn PHP 5.x and php-gtk)
  • Perl (I'm using it mainly instead of using bash or *sh scripts and of course because of REGEX)
  • Python (Well I a pretty new to this language, I can handle syntax but I need a little more knowledge about modules. And I'm looking forward to trying Py3k)
  • Assembler (One of my most favourite languages Wink ;-) )

  • Java (To be more precise J2ME, just for fun Smile :) )

  • SQL (MySQL and PosgreSQL)
  • C (In this language I wrote a "standalone kernel" which could be compared to Hello World! example of OS kernel creation)
  • C++ (Well here I like strings and dynamic-arrays)
  • C# (I can program in it but I don't like it because of using System.blahblah.blah;)

  • Whitespace (It's great language Wink ;-) but useless)

  • Shell (I can write shell scripts for BASH, CSH, TCSH and ZSH)
  • ECMAScript/JavaScript
  • ADA
  • Smalltalk
  • LISP
  • VRML
  • D

I know I forgot to mention some language as soon as I remember which I will complete the list... Nowadays I am programming in C for avr (with avr-gcc). I also have a little bit of experience with gtk and glade (with combination with C, C++, perl, python) but I don't have any experience with programming Qt (except for Kylix which is long time ago and it wasn't much about knowing Qt it was just about Drag'n'Dropping some components on the form...

My Contributions for launchpad

Well so far:

  • Translations
    • I've translated the most of Editra into Czech. (Editra is really nice lightweight python ide written 100% in python.)
  • Programming projects
    • Voyager - Now It's basically Arora but it uses oxygen icons and it's focused mainly on KDE 4 users. There isn't much new features yet e.g. support for multiple search engines like google, cuil etc. I'm planning to implement support for Python plugins, change download dialog in a dockbar and some other things...

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