About Me

When I look back at when I started playing with Linux, I remember being the kid in the computer room at School, who was interested in Slackware, attending the local Linux user groups and helping out on a small project called Smoothwall. 15 years on, it's been part of my personal life since and my professional life for the last 5 years having worked at both Red Hat and now at Canonical as a Premium Service Engineer based in the Millbank office in London.

I like to keep up with the latest technologies across all Linux distributions, some would say I like to have my fingers in all the Open Source pies.

Outside of Ubuntu, I'm an avid music fan, scuba diver and play both the Guitar and Ukulele.

Contact Information





<tom AT trellisnet DOT co DOT uk>



  • First installed Ubuntu Dapper at home
  • Running Ubuntu at home and supporting friends and family
  • Attended UDS-M, UDS-N, UDS-O (in both professional and personal capacity)
  • Involved in helping with the ClusterStack sessions at UDS

  • Filed many bugs and fixed a few(!)
  • I Answer questions on AskUbuntu or #ubuntu-server on freenode when possible

  • Ran a session at UDS-O for bringing LVM+LUKS to Ubiquity (a work in progress!)
  • Contributed towards Ubuntu Orchestra
  • Attend the UK LoCo events as much as possible (when I'm not on the road...)

  • Filed bugs on behalf of Canonical customers

Future Goals

  • Get more involved in the UK LoCO
  • Contribute some JuJu charms for Pacemaker cluster stack

  • Get more involved with the Ubuntu Server development community
  • Help with some server packaging


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

  • I first met Tom at a Surrey LUG meet up he was friendly and helpful when I was having an issue with Ubuntu. He has made an effort to interact with the greater Ubuntu community outside of his work at Canonical by attending events and meeting more people involved in Ubuntu, He's also on irc ready to help where and if possible so I'd definitely recommend him for membership. czajkowski2022-01-21 12:32:25

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