TomVeens is in real Tom Veens

Homepage: (The blog is in Dutch but the newer ones in English!)

Me at Launchpad:

irc freenode nick: tomveens

irc freenode channels: #traverso

mail: tomveens(at)gmail(dot)com

Ubuntu relation:

I am an ubuntu fan/user. My first use of ubuntu was the breezy distro. To make things clear I have to tell you that the only way I know some computer things from simple to complex things is because I live with people that are good with computers. My talent is not in computers, but you can always ask me a question about it. Maybe I know the answer. But talented into it is another area I can assure you is not my strongest field.

My passion:

Ask me!


* Seeking for a way in contributing in the ubuntu community.

* Experimenting with new brainspins.

Some Interests:

* Education

* Politics

* Ways of living

* Creative Productions


* Acting

* Thinking

* Video

This description is absolute inaccurate so the best way to want something from me is just to ask me! I like the feeling of interaction.

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