Ubuntu Note, use this instructions at your own risk. They are provided only for temporary reference to set up a convergence demo for a conference. In a few days, when the required packages are landed, the instructions will no longer apply

   1 # Note: assumes a mako device running the ubuntu/stable channel
   3 # On the PC shell:
   4 phablet-config writable-image
   6 # Then reboot the device
   8 # On the DEVICE shell:
  10 # mhall119 mentioned that from experimentation this package had been required
  11 # so that unity8 does not get uninstalled by citrain
  12 # Does not seems to be available on the arm archive, thus installing manually
  13 wget
  14 sudo dpkg -i dmz-cursor-theme_0.4.4ubuntu1_all.deb
  16 # On the PC shell:
  17 # Install silo 22 (to land in a few days)
  18 citrain device-upgrade 022 0000
  20 # On the DEVICE shell:
  21 # This gave some errors about unity8-common being unconfigured
  22 # Running the following seemed to fix it
  23 sudo apt-get install -f
  25 # Then reboot the device


  • Bluetooth keyboard can be paired to the device
  • Bluetooth pointing device can be paired to the device
  • Device goes into desktop mode
  • Pointing device works, but no cursor is shown (a static cursor appears on the top left corner, though)
  • Keyboard works as expected
  • Connecting the device to an HDMI monitor results in a "blank" screen with origami background, Ubuntu logo and a progress indicator, on both the device and the monitor

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