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Development Guide

Before Your Start

There are a few things you should do before you start hacking:

  • Download and install the SDK from - you should also run through the tutorial to get acquainted with the technology.

  • Sign the Contributor Agreement - email for details - we need to ask folks to sign this as many carriers and handset manufacturers require specific license agreements, and this allows us to dual-license the code between both a a fully Free Software license and a license that might be required for a handset manufacturer or operator.

Getting Started

Here is how you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to email

Join The Mailing List

You should first join the ubuntu-phone mailing list. To do this, head over to and join the list. You can see the list archives at

When sending emails to the list, please put app name from the Launchpad project in square brackets in your subject line. As an example, for the Calendar app:

[ubuntu-calendar-app] My subject title

This helps us to filter the list better.

Getting The Code

To get the code, go to the wiki page for the app you are interested in and click the Code link. You can then see how to branch the code.

For example, for the calendar you run:

bzr branch lp:ubuntu-calendar-app 

Coordinating What To Work On

Feature Development

join meetings coordinate features in meetings and on the list use blueprints to track this work

Fixing Bugs

find the bugs list assign the bug to you fix the bug and submit as a merge proposal

Reviewing Branches

how to review someone elses branch

Contributing Your Branch

how to upload the branch to LP and then submit a merge proposal