Warning /!\ Ubuntu Touch is no longer maintained as a core product by Canonical. However, the Ubports community are continuing development.


This web page is where we are coordinating the work to build a Facebook application for the Ubuntu Phone that could also extend to other form factors too with the responsive design features built into the Ubuntu SDK

The Details

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IRC Channel

#ubuntu-touch on Freenode



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User Stories

Note: please don't add user stories here. We are defining these as a limited set to keep the scope more limited to get out a first version.

  • Must Have: I want to login to my existing Facebook account (and logout)
  • Must Have: I want to manage my account settings
    • This should be done in system settings, but we still need a way to get there and back
  • Must Have: I want to view my news feed
  • Must Have: I want to view my profile / wall
  • Must Have: I want to update my status
  • Must Have: I want to like, comment etc. other people’s posts
  • Must Have: I want to post links, images etc.
  • Must Have: I want to view images and albums
  • Must Have: I want to make/accept/decline a friend request
  • Must Have: I want to see my friends, friends of friends etc.
  • Must Have: I want to send messages
  • Must Have: I want to view messages in a thread
  • Must Have: I want to view/accept events
  • Must Have: I want to see notifications
  • Must Have: I want to create events
  • Should/Could Have: I want to join/create a group
  • Won’t Have?: Check In/Location/Nearby
  • Won’t Have?: I want to tag friends in images
  • Won’t Have: FB Apps?
  • Won’t Have: I want to manage albums
  • Won’t Have: I want to edit images (e.g. crop)

Functional Requirements

Note: likewise, please don't add functional requirements here. We are defining these as a limited set to keep the scope more limited to get out a first version.

  • Account login
  • Select FB option/area (e.g. go to wall, feed etc.)
  • Account management
  • List/search friends
  • View albums / view images within an album
  • View an image
  • Play YouTube (et al?) videos within FB client app

  • Search for friends
  • Friend request
  • Upload photo
  • Chat with Friend
  • Create New Message
  • View message thread
  • Create a New Post
  • Like or Comment on a Post
  • Delete an Existing Post
  • Scroll list to view my posts and friend’s posts (aka news feed, wall)
    • Inc. post info (date posted etc.), links for like/comment, thumbnail(s), click to see all likes/comments
  • Scroll view for my wall (similar to news feed)
  • View notifications
  • Integration with system notifications
  • In app notifications
  • Join a group
  • View group page (similar to news feed and wall)
  • Search (people, groups etc.)


How To Add Your Design

To contribute design, first ensure you have picked an app and then read the App Design Guides.

Next, send an email to David Planella (david.planella AT canonical DOT com) and Michael Hall (michael.hall AT canonical DOT com) to ask to be added to MyBalsamiq (this is the system we use for creating mock-ups.

Now look at each of the screens listed in the project in the Design section and view any existing designs.

If a design matches how you think it should look but with a few changes, please don't create a new design but instead leave comments on the design itself.

If there is either no design or you would like to propose a new design, simply create the design in MyBalsamiq on https://ubuntu.mybalsamiq.com/projects/ubuntuphonecoreapps/grid. Please be sure to use the Phone container and add your design inside it.

Now link your design under the right screen heading below and using the following format:

 * [[https://ubuntu.mybalsamiq.com/projects/ubuntuphonecoreapps/YOURDESIGN|Your Name]] - summary of your design

As an example:

Main View

Facebook- main view.png

News feed, by Cem

Edit mockup in Balsamiq >

News feed view

Facebook app.png

News feed, by Oscar

Edit mockup in Balsamiq >

My profile/timeline view

  • Needed

Friend's profile/timeline view

  • Needed

Post status update

Include option to add photo, video or location

  • Needed

Like a status update

  • Needed

Share a status update

  • Needed

Like a comment

  • Needed

Individual status update view

  • Needed

Tag a friend in a photo

  • Needed

Send Friend request

  • Needed

Notification of friend request

  • Needed

Friends list view

  • Needed

Delete a friend

  • Needed

New comment notification

  • Needed

Chat with friend view

  • Needed

Start new chat view

  • Needed

Previous chats view

  • Needed

List groups

  • Needed

View group feed

  • Needed

Post to a group

  • Needed

Create new Event

  • Needed

Send event invites

  • Needed

Accept/Reject event invite

  • Needed

View events

Facebook - View events.png

View events, by Cem

Edit mockup in Balsamiq >


This is where the spec will be.

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