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||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Graphics || || ||<bgcolor="#FFFFCC"> Graphics || ||
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||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Cellular Radio ||                       ||
||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Wireless network ||                       ||
||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Sound || ||
||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Touch || ||
||<bgcolor="#C8C8C8"> Camera || ||
||<bgcolor="#CC3300"> Cellular Radio || CDMA Radio Currently does not work ||
||<bgcolor="#CC3300"> Wireless network ||Simple Wifi Only Networking ||
||<bgcolor="#FFFFCC"> Sound || ||
||<bgcolor="#FFFFCC"> Touch || ||
||<bgcolor="#FFFFCC"> Camera || ||

Warning /!\ Ubuntu Touch is no longer maintained as a core product by Canonical. However, the Ubports community are continuing development.


Device name

Galaxy Nexus

Code name


Image maintainer(s)



link to your Launchpad profile please

Update interval / last update

(is the image built automatically, how often? if not automatic, when did you last update it?)

Unlocking instructions


Install instructions



State of things





Everything works, all patches included in Ubuntu proper


Works, minor issues only, some patches pending


Work in progress


Severely broken, unusable or progress is blocked






Boot process


Cellular Radio

CDMA Radio Currently does not work

Wireless network

Simple Wifi Only Networking




Video Decode




Using your own custom recovery (CWM or TWRP):

  • 1: Make a nandroid backup
    2: Do a factory reset (Wipe Data/Cache, some have not had luck after wiping system)
    3: Install from forum post.
    4: Install from forum post or Ubuntu mirror (link below).

    • -This step will take a long time, don't worry unless you see errors.

    5: Reboot system.

Unlocking instructions

NOTE: This will delete all data on the phone (most of the time, you may luck out, but don't count on it). This includes your "SDCard" space (or, more properly, your /data/media/ space). As such, you should make proper backups.

NOTE: This may void your warranty. You will see a more specific warning as you unlock, but you are choosing to do this on your own, and you are responsible for any damage done to your device as a result.


Reboot phone into bootloader mode:

  • 1: Turn off phone.
    2: Hold down both volume buttons and press the power button until the phone vibrates.
    3: You will see an Android, and a large box with an arrow pointing to the right (towards your power button) which says START. You are now in bootloader mode. If you use the volume up/down buttons, you can choose to boot into recovery, among other options. For now, you will stay in bootloader mode.

Unlock using Fastboot (included in the Android SDK tools)

  • 4: With the phone in bootloader mode, plug phone into computer using a microUSB cable.
    5: In a terminal or command prompt on the computer, navigate to the directory which you stored the Android SDK, and into the platform-tools directory (If you have the SDK binaries in your path, you don't need to worry about this).
    6: For Linux & Mac:

    • ./fastboot oem unlock
      or, if the Tools are in your path,
      fastboot oem unlock
      For Windows:
      fastboot.exe oem unlock

    7: At this point, your phone will show a dialog, asking you to confirm that you want to unlock the device, it will show a warning. Make your own decision.
    8: If you decide to proceed, you can use the volume buttons to highlight "yes" and then press the power button to select it.

Your device is unlocked. If you download a .img of ClockworkMod Recovery or TeamWin Recovery Project, you can flash it with fastboot:fastboot flash recovery <recovery.img>

Known issues

The image

How to build it

Please give some instructions on how you build the image.


Are all parts of the image freely redistributable?

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