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If citrain for silo 24 hangs with something like https://paste.ubuntu.com/15986810/ do the following:

 1. Kill citrain
 2. Adb into the device, kill pending dpkg and apt-get
 3. Run: sudo dpkg --configure -a on the device
 4. Rerun: citrain 24 <your pin> from the host
 5. Continue with installing silo 46



WARNING: This currently only works on the upcoming Meizu MX Pro 5 aka turbo. There is work in-progress to get this work on other devices as well.

This page describes how to setup the current in-development work for our display casting work also known as Miracast/WiFi Display.

Testing on turbo

If you're testing this on turbo you need to flash a specific device tarball first. You can find the required device tarball here.

You also need

  • a recovery image with ADB support enabled. Download it from here

  • a prebuilt version of ubuntu-device-flash from here

Flash it with ubuntu-device-flash

$ ls -alh
-rw-rw-r--  1 simon simon 103M Apr 22 19:03 device.tar.xz
-rwxrwxr-x  1 simon simon  137 Apr 22 18:59 disable-gpg.sh
-rw-rw-r--  1 simon simon  24M Apr 22 19:01 recovery.img
-rw-rw-r--  1 simon simon 7,0M Apr 22 19:04 ubuntu-device-flash

$ cat disable-gpg.sh
adb shell touch /etc/system-image/skip-gpg-verification
adb shell /sbin/system-image-upgrader /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command

# Boot your device into fastboot boot via Power + Volume down

$ sudo ./ubuntu-device-flash -v touch --device turbo --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en --device-tarball device.tar.xz --run-script disable-gpg.sh --recovery-image recovery.img --bootstrap

When you see

Done upgrading: Fri Apr 22 17:16:10 GMT 2016


$ adb reboot

Install necessary silos

Install silos 24 and 46

$ citrain device-upgrade 24 <your pin>
$ citrain device-upgrade 46 <your pin>

If citrain for silo 24 hangs with something like https://paste.ubuntu.com/15986810/ do the following:

  1. Kill citrain
  2. Adb into the device, kill pending dpkg and apt-get
  3. Run: sudo dpkg --configure -a on the device
  4. Rerun: citrain 24 <your pin> from the host

  5. Continue with installing silo 46

After your device has installed the silo you're ready to go.

Connect with a remote display

NOTE: To connect with the Microsoft WiFi Display dongle you have to connect it with an Android device currently first before Ubuntu is being able to stream properly to it. Otherwise you will just get a black screen.

First of all you need a Miracast / WiFi display capable sink device. Most modern Smart TVs support this or you can buy a dongle from Amazon like the Microsoft Wireless Display one.

The first step to discover available display is through the settings application.

  1. Open settings application
  2. Navigate to the new WiFi Displays page which sits under the Brightness / Displays page

  3. Wait for your display device being discovered
  4. Once you have one you want to connect to press the connect button
  5. The display will be now connected and you should see the Unity8 desktop

If you want to disconnect from the external display just pull down from the top of the display on the phone display. This will give you a disconnect button.

You can control the user interface either by the virtual touchpad the phone display shows once an external display is connected or by connected a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

On the other side we have a small utility called aethercastctl which helps you to deal with the service.

You can scan for available devices

# aethercastctl
aethercastctl> scan
[CHG] Manager Scanning changed: true
Device 4e:74:03:64:86:9e 'Aquaris_E4.5' added
Device 4e:0b:be:f9:78:75 'MicrosoftDisplayAdapter_75' added

After the search is done you can connect to one of the found devices.

To list all available devices you can use the devices command.

aethercastctl> devices
Device 4e:0b:be:f9:78:75 'MicrosoftDisplayAdapter_75'
Device 4e:74:03:64:86:9e 'Aquaris_E4.5'

Once you know which device you want to connect to you can simply issue the connect command and wait for the device to get connected.

aethercastctl> connect 4e:74:03:64:86:9e
[CHG] Manager Scanning changed: false
[CHG] Manager State changed: connected

Once the device is connected you should see the Ubuntu UI on the remote display device. If you run into any issues, logging details are at: /var/log/upstart/aethercast.log

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