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Training Team Meetings


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The Training Team meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Wednesday of every month - unless someone has a better preference. Meetings are held at #ubuntu-training on They are open for everyone interested and/or participating in the Training Team.

Next meeting

  • When: 8 October 2008

  • Start: 20:00

  • End: 21:00

  • Timezone: UTC

  • Where: #ubuntu-training on

  • Chaired By: Belinda Lopez (Dinda)

Agenda for this meeting

These items will be discussed at the next meeting:

  • Working process & tool chains for updating the Ubuntu Desktop Course

  • Greater Community involvement
    • - Collaboration with the Classroom/Doc Teams/Screencasts/Locos? - Which Loco Teams are using the Desktop Course?
  • What needs/concers does the community have? - What do you want to see?
  • Screencasting - the Salsaga project looks very promising - Popey have you seen this project?