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Getting Involved

Knowledge Base



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Ubuntu Desktop Course 8.04 LTS - It's HERE!!

The long awaited Ubuntu Desktop Course is ready, waiting and all yours for the taking!

Thanks to all the community members who slogged over writing, reviewing, editing, proofreading and fixing the layout. This version is based on the 8.04 LTS version.

Here are a few points to mention about the current course:

  1. There are 10 lessons in total. The last lesson, Partitioning and Booting, is optional. The course is modular, taking 2 days if all lessons are covered. However, topics and lessons can be selected as required.

  2. There are 2 versions of the course:
    • An Instructor Guide, which has instructor notes and answers to the exercise questions together.
    • A student guide, which does not have instructor notes; answers to the exercises are provided separately.
  3. Here are PDF versions of the student guide and instructor guide soon. The files are very large and you will need a strong internet connection to download in a timely manner.

DesktopCourseInstructorGuide804-2.pdf DesktopCourseStudentGuide-2.pdf

In order to retrieve the actual code and contribute or modify the content, you will need to have a Launchpad account and bzr set up on your computer. The Launchpad branch is:

  1. It has been written in Docbook using xml stylesheets and the bzr revision control, accessed through Launchpad.
  2. In order to create a:
    • Student guide: make booksg
    • Instructor guide: make book
    • Q&A for the student guide: make questions

  3. There will also be a book version of the courseware which you will be able to buy online. This will be formatted slightly differently to reduce the page numbers and make the content overall ready for print production, but the content and copyright will remain the same.
  4. The course content is released under Creative Commons: BY-NC-SA. For more information on this, please refer to:

Other than that, enjoy, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Latest News

  • Next meeting for Ubuntu Training Team: TBD, #ubuntu-training

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