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== For UTC team members: example requests ==

{i} The following are only for the benefit of the UTC team members. If you are here to request a change of translation team coordinator you should not need to worry about this.

=== Example UTC e-mail from the UTC team ===

Here is an example e-mail sent to the Latvian team when a new coordinator was appointed. This can be useful for the [[UbuntuTranslationsCoordinators|Ubuntu Translations Coordinators]] as a basis for future e-mails.

Hi Konstantin, Raivis, Danko,

I hope you are all well.

I'm contacting you as administrators of the Ubuntu Latvian translation team regarding an issue affecting the team as explained here:

Pēteris is raising some concerns about the way the team works, the quality of translations and the collaboration with upstream. He is offering his help to collaborate on this and would like to step forward to lead the team.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this by replying to the support request at

Thanks a lot!


=== Example support request for ownership change to LOSAs ===

Here is an example support request to the LOSAs for a change of ownership of the Sinhala translation team. This can be useful for the [[UbuntuTranslationsCoordinators|Ubuntu Translations Coordinators]] as a basis for future requests.

After the discussion at, it seems that the current members of the Ubuntu Sinhala Translators team are no longer active. After contacting the current owner has already explicitly asked to be removed from all Ubuntu mailing lists (and activities), but so far has not given up ownership of the team (did not respond to the last message).

There is a new volunteer who has stepped up to be the new coordinator and to revive the Ubuntu Sinhala translation effort.

Therefore, I'd like to request Jeewantha Lekamwasam ( to be assigned as the owner of the Ubuntu Sinhala Translators team at


Translations > Knowledge Base > Team coordinator role reassignment

Resigning when it's time

Reassignment of the translation team coordinator role might be needed when the existing coordinator hasn't been responsive for some time, or others think he/she can no longer fulfill the team coordinator responsibilites.

This is a completely normal situation and can happen for a variety of reasons: lack of time or involvement in the project, loss of interest, a long break, etc.

We encourage people in a leader position to resign when they cannot contribute as before, and pass the torch to other contributors wanting to step up as the new coordinator and lead the team. In such situations, please follow the simple procedure outlined in this document.


You are a team coordinator and want to resign

  • (./) Change of team ownership - As a team coordinator, it is recommended to change the team ownership in Launchpad to the new coordinator

  • (./) No new coordinator has stepped up - If there isn't a new coordinator who has stepped up to take the torch, file a support request to let the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators (UTC) know, and they'll try to help you.

  • (./) Announce - After the change has been made effective, the new team coordinator will be asked to announce it to the Ubuntu Translators mailing list and update the team's contact data.

You want to request a change of team coordinator

  • (./) Learn about the current status - Before requesting the change, please make sure you've contacted all the team administrators in Launchpad to learn about the current status. You can find out the contact addresses of the team admins by going to the team's page and clicking on the link to list their members (e.g. for the Latvian team)

  • (./) File a support request - As a contributor or team member requesting the change, please file a support request for the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators (UTC) to look at.

    • You should describe the current status, for how long you have been trying to reach the current coordinator, and what responses (if any) you got.
    • You should propose a new team coordinator (you or someone else). The new coordinator should be aware of the team coordinator responsibilities and might be asked to provide some testimonial to back up the request.

  • (./) The UTC team handles the request - A member of the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team will then try to contact the team admins again.

  • (./) Change of owner - If the current admins agree with the change, they will be asked to change the owner of the team to the newly proposed coordinator. Otherwise, if there is a conflict situation it will be handled by the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators.

  • (./) If no response, request change to LOSAs - If after a week there has been no reply to the UTC team's e-mail, the UTC team will open a new support request for a change of team owner to the new coordinator and assign it to ~canonical-losas.

  • (./) Announce - After the change has been made effective, the new team coordinator will be asked to announce it to the Ubuntu Translators mailing list and update the team's contact data.


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