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Clear message

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Role reassignment is needed when the existing people haven't response for some time, or others think he/she is not suitable at the place.

We encourage people in a leader place resign when he cannot contribute as before, or is competent enough for the work, but we may meet people aren't contactable at all. In such situations, please follow this Role Reassignment Policy to find a way to change such situations.

Translation Team Coordinator

Coordinator of a translation team is very important when the team work take place, so when there is already a non-responsive coordinator, we prefer to let him step down following some principle:

Let ubuntu-translators mailing list know about it, describing for how long have you been trying to reach him, and what responses (if any) did you get. Don't forget to CC'ing the current coordinator in your mail. Ideally, if it turns out that the current coordinator really is inactive (with no reply or other's explanation about why he isn't response, for a week as the deadline), it would be nice if you have someone who's already a proven contributor ready to replace him.

Then ask a question at Ubuntu Translations Project on Launchpad, people who has been recommended to replace the original one should introduce himself about his contributions there, and have more than two other former contributors' testimonials is preferred way to speed up the process. Then Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team will jump into it and verify the information, then decide whether make approve the request.

When it is approved, Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team will ping Launchpad Administrators to achieve such right transfer process.

When current coordinator is the bottleneck for work of other translators and doesn't want to step down or cooperate with others, you should start a dispute by providing all the evidence to the coordinator doing a bad job, CC'ing Ubuntu Translations Coordinators, only members of this team are authorized to solve disputes.