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 * '''Date & Time:''' Thursday, 6th August 2009, 15:00 UTC  * '''Date & Time:''' Thursday, 3rd September 2009, 15:00 UTC


This page is aimed at planning the biweekly Ubuntu Translators meetings on #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.

Next Meeting

How to join a meeting

Meetings take place every two weeks on IRC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel on Freenode (see above).

You should always feel welcome to join us and to suggest new items for the agenda if you'd like. In order to join:

Use your IRC client (such as xchat, xchat-gnome, irssi or mIRC) to connect to the Freenode IRC network at You can do this manually by typing:

  • /server

Then join #ubuntu-meeting for the time and date of the meeting you want to attend. You can manually join the channel by typing:

  • /join #ubuntu-meeting

Alternatively, you can use an IRC web client to join the meeting directly from your browser, by clicking on this link on the date and the time of the meeting.

Agenda and summaries

You can see the summaries and full logs of previous meetings and add items to the agenda of future meetings in the calendar below.

  • View summary: to view the summary of a previous meeting, click on the date you are interested in (red dates mean that a meeting took place)

  • Add new agenda item: to add an item to the agenda of a future meeting:

    • If there is already a page for the meeting (date marked in red), simply click on the date in the calendar and add your agenda item in the page
    • If there still isn't a page for the meeting, you can create one by clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar. Make sure to choose from the list of templates on the left when creating the new page.

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