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This page is a draft, and the procedure described here has not yet been approved. DO NOT follow these instruction until they have

This page describes how translations team coordinators can request a manual language pack update, outside of the scheduled language pack updates.


A manual language pack update involves quite a lot of extra work for the developers involved. Therefore, the number of these requests should be kept to an absolute minimum. These manual updates are ONLY for the case where you have a very critical translation bug, and the next planned update is not for some time.

Expand on this section if we decide that language pack updates after the first 6 months of stable release should be performed as manual updates only. --Kenneth Nielsen 2020-12-03 20:39:55


The request for a manual language pack update is made via a bug report. Please follow the instructions below to make sure that the bug is reported against the right package and contains the correct information.

Find the right package in Launchpad

The bug should be reported against the language-pack-LL package, where LL is the language code, so e.g. the Danish package would be named language-pack-da. This package can be found on Launchpad on an URL similar to this one:

Therefore, to find the right package use the URL above and replace "maverick" with the code name for the distribution you wish to perform a language pack update for, and replace "da" with your own language code.

Make the request as a bug report