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 * '''Translations community roundtable''' (DavidPlanella)  * '''[[UbuntuSpec:community-m-translations-community-roundtable|Translations community roundtable]]''' (DavidPlanella)
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 * '''Launchpad Translations roundtable''' (DavidPlanella)  * '''[[UbuntuSpec:community-m-launchpad-translations-roundtable|Launchpad Translations roundtable]]''' (DavidPlanella)
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 * '''Desktop and Translations roundtable''' (DavidPlanella)  * '''[[UbuntuSpec:community-m-desktop-translations-roundtable|Desktop and Translations roundtable]]''' (DavidPlanella)
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   * Implementing gettext support to PolicyKit
   * Firefox and OpenOffice.org translations
   * Implementing gettext support to Policy``Kit
   * Firefox and Open``Office.org translations
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 * '''Kubuntu Translations roundtable''' (DavidPlanella)  * '''[[UbuntuSpec:community-m-kubuntu-translations-roundtable|Kubuntu Translations roundtable]]''' (DavidPlanella)


The purpose of this page is to list all suggestions for the UDS Maverick translation sessions to be used as a basis for the final schedule.

Session proposals

Final list


These topics will not been included in the final list of sessions, but can nonetheless be discussed (e.g. in roundtables)


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