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# Asturian translation
Name[ast]=Veceru de corréu Thunderbird
Comment[ast]=Llee y escribe corréu electrónicu
GenericName[ast]=Veceru de corréu electrónicu

The purpose of this page is to collect translations for the Thunderbird desktop entry in "Applications > Internet > Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News" and include them in the code. The reason we must do this is because of the special format Mozilla translations use, which does not allow us to use Launchpad or the regular Ubuntu internationalization infrastructure.

If the Thunderbird desktop entry is not translated in your language:

  1. Translate it below, in the Add your translations here section.

  2. File a request for it to be included by clicking here.

Original message:

Name=Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News
Comment=Read/Write Mail/News with Mozilla Thunderbird
GenericName=Mail Client

Add your translations here:

Name[langcode]=My translation
Comment[langcode]=My translation
GenericName[langcode]=My translation

# Note: The following should be added to the existing translations
# in these languages
GenericName[ru]=Почтовый клиент
GenericName[ca]=Client de correu

# Asturian translation
Name[ast]=Veceru de corréu Thunderbird
Comment[ast]=Llee y escribe corréu electrónicu
GenericName[ast]=Veceru de corréu electrónicu

Name[he]=Mozilla Thunderbird דוא״ל/חדשות
Comment[he]=קריאה/כתיבה של דוא״ל/חדשות באמצעות Mozilla Thunderbird
GenericName[he]=לקוח דוא״ל

# Croatian translation
Name[hr]=Mozilla Thunderbird e-pošta/novosti
Comment[hr]=Čitajte/šaljite e-poštu s Mozillom Thunderbird
GenericName[hr]=Klijent e-pošte

# Galician translation
Name[gl]=Cliente de correo Thunderbird
Comment[gl]=Lea e escriba correo electrónico
GenericName[gl]=Cliente de correo electrónico

# Uyghur  translation
Name[ug]=Mozilla Thunderbird ئېلخەت/خەۋەر
Comment[ug]=ئېلخەت ۋە خەۋەرلەرنى Mozilla Thunderbird دا كۆرۈش ۋە يېزىش
GenericName[ug]=ئېلخەت دېتالى

# Korean translation
Name[ko]=Mozilla Thunderbird
Comment[ko]=Mozilla Thunderbird 메일/뉴스 읽기 및 쓰기 클라이언트
GenericName[ko]=메일 클라이언트

Examples (translations already present). DO NOT MODIFY:

Name[es]=Cliente de correo y noticias Thunderbird
Name[cs]=Poštovní klient Thunderbird
Name[ca]=Client de correu Thunderbird
Name[fr]=Messagerie Thunderbird
Name[hu]=Thunderbird levelezőkliens
Name[pl]=Klient poczty Thunderbird
Name[pt_BR]=Cliente de E-mail Thunderbird
Name[sv]=E-postklienten Thunderbird
Name[ru]=Почтовый клиент Thunderbird
Name[zh_CN]=Mozilla Thunderbird 邮件/新闻
Name[zh_TW]=Mozilla Thunderbird 郵件
Comment[es]=Lea y escriba correos y noticias con Mozilla Thunderbird
Comment[ca]=Llegiu i escriviu correu
Comment[cs]=Čtení a psaní pošty
Comment[de]=Emails lesen und verfassen
Comment[fi]=Lue ja kirjoita sähköposteja
Comment[fr]=Lire et écrire des courriels
Comment[hu]=Levelek írása és olvasása a Thunderbirddel
Comment[it]=Leggere e scrivere email
Comment[pl]=Czytanie i wysyłanie e-maili
Comment[pt_BR]=Ler e escrever suas mensagens
Comment[sv]=Läs och skriv e-post
Comment[ru]=Читайте и пишите письма
Comment[zh_TW]=以 Mozilla Thunderbird 讀寫郵件或新聞
GenericName[fr]=Client de messagerie


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