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  • Instructions for the translation of this page

  • Notes:
    • Use the same formatting as the message below, i.e. do not forget to enclose the translation in triple brackets: {{{}}}

    • Do not translate the words From:, To: and Subject:. They are e-mail headers

From: The Ubuntu One Team <ubuntuone-support@canonical.com>
To: ubuntuone-support@canonical.com
Subject: Keep your digital life organized with Ubuntu One!

Not only will your documents, photos, music, and notes stay in sync
across all of your computers and with your personal cloud, but all of
your Evolution contacts will as well.

Learn more about Ubuntu One at http://one.ubuntu.com/.

Already have an Ubuntu One account? Add your computer to your account
by launching the Ubuntu One Control Panel.

All contacts in the “Ubuntu One” address book are automatically synced
with your personal cloud. Conveniently view and modify contact
information in Evolution or the Ubuntu One website. Ubuntu One will even
keep your Evolution contacts in sync with your mobile phone.

For information about copying or moving your contacts into the Ubuntu
One address book, review our online tutorials and FAQs.

Need help or found a bug? Review the Ubuntu One support options.

Thank you.

The Ubuntu One Team



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