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 * Pedro Querido (Portuguese)


A translation team groups TranslationEditors who work together on translations. Each distribution, project, product, and template may have its own translation team; a source package inherits the translation team of its distribution, a product inherits from its project, and a template from its product. The translation workforce for a software entity or translation template consists of the team for its parent product/project/distribution, plus extra teams created for each language for the entity



The goal of the Ubuntu translation team is to make Ubuntu available in as many languages as possible.

Currently, key areas for translation work are

  • The installer

We should also coordinate with the DocumentationTeam about translating documentation.


We have a mailing list at

Visit the [:Rosetta:Rosetta wiki page] to get some documentation about our translation tool.

And translations for Hoary can be done here:

Rosetta Resources

Getting Started

First, get Ubuntu running in your language. This way, you can easily see what work needs to be done.

  • Hint: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Next, find something to translate. This can be any program that isn't translated, or has a partial translation, or has translation bugs.

Once you've updated the translation, you need to find the right person to send it to. If you're not sure about this, the best thing to do is to file a bug in the Ubuntu bug tracker and attach the new translation.


You can see the translation team list here:

Please, join the team you are interested on, but take care that it's more QA team than just a translation team. You don't need to join a team to translate Ubuntu, only to improve already existing translations.

If you don't see your team there, please mail us at and we will create it for you.


Feel free to add yourself here. You might like to make a note of which languages you're interested in translating into.


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