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You can see the translation team list here: You can see the translation team list here:

Welcome to the translation team portal. Here you should find links to useful resources, frequently asked questions, guidelines and a way to get in touch with people.

Getting Started

Translating programs to your native language will help countless people. It's easy to get started and we need your support. So read on.


The goal of the Ubuntu translation team is to make Ubuntu available in as many languages as possible at the highest quality. The most important packages are those from the main repository, prioritizing on the applications which the user is likely to see in the first few hours of usage.

We also coordinate with the DocumentationTeam about translating documentation.


Translation of Ubuntu is coordinated through its web-based translation system: Rosetta.

Rosetta can be used at this address:

Note: Rosetta can be used for translating lots of different software. Ubuntu is just one part of that. If you wish to translate Ubuntu, choose the relevant release from the Rosetta homepage.

Frequently asked questions on Rosetta usage can be accessed here:

  • ["RosettaFAQ"]
  • ["RosettaFAQs"]

You can report any bug or add any feature request for Rosetta at Malone:

A list of current bugs or feature requests can be found here (please consult before submitting any new report):

For your offline work you can use programs such as POedit (universe), gtranslator (main), or a plain text editor like Gnome Editor - gedit (main).

We also recommend reading GNOME Translation Project Web Pages

Using Rosetta and launchpad


Exporting templates for offline work

New translator questions

Some questions made by new translators (which can come from very different areas and are not familiar with software translation) can be found here,

More advanced questions can be found here,

  • ["RosettaFAQ"]

Language Teams

You can see the translation team list here:

Join the team you are interested in, but take care that it's more QA team than just a translation team. You don't need to join a team to translate Ubuntu, only to improve already existing translations.

If you don't see your team there, please mail us at and we will create it for you.


Mailing list

You can subscribe to the mailing list if you like:

IRC channel

For real-time interaction feel free to ask in the official channel: #ubuntu-translators at

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