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Template's list for translation, for each language on Rosetta, isn't sorted, filtered or grouped. Trying to group it by upstream (ex: GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc) may make easy to check the status of the translation for people translating on specific area.


A good translation came also from a good knowledge of the application. Free Software's translators are primary smart user of that software. Translating Ubuntu on Rosetta it's a little disorienting, starting from this vision, cause there's PO files from different sources in one, and single, view.

The image below show the EDGY's PO List for translation.


On first's lines there's packages from very different upstream:

  • debian-installer (Debian)
  • launchpad-integration (UBUNTU related package)
  • gnome-applets-2.0, gnome-desktop-2.0, gnome-menus, etc (GNOME)
  • kdelibs, kicker, etc (KDE)
  • etc

Statistic (on left column box) refers to entire packages list, without inform which packages need urgent work and which distribution will affect (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, all)

Further Details

  • upsteam selector for a list of upstream filtered packages
  • statistic related to filtered packages. (left column box)
  • upstream in the file detail column when there's no upstream selection

Use Cases

  • Paul is a Kubuntu enthusiast and work as translator for Dutch group. Bookmarking KDE packages stay on touch with the status of Kubuntu related translation.
  • John is an Italian GNOME translator. He focus his work on GNOME upstream packages using "GNOME" filtering.
  • Henry is a French Ubuntu coordinator. He verify with upstream filter the status of translation for ALL packages group.



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