Members of the Ubuntu community are no strangers to travel, as we frequently attend summits, sprints, and conferences around the world. This page is organized to capture the hi-tech accessories that are useful to have around when traveling.


The page organizes these accessories using the same vocabulary as the Ubuntu package repositories:

  • Main - essential accessories necessary for productive computing on the go, and allowed in carry-on luggage

  • Restricted - other essential accessories, but must be in checked luggage

  • Universe - a larger set of useful (but non-essential) accessories, allowed on carry-on luggage

  • Multiverse - anything else that might be useful, even if impractical, in checked luggage or otherwise shipped to destinations

  • PPAs - things that are very useful to you, that perhaps other people might be interested in; others can promote those to one of the other repositories as appropriate


  • ac/dc power adapter
  • business cards
  • card readers (usb/pcmcia)
  • cell phone(s)/pda(s)
  • cdrw/dvdrw media
  • digital camera
  • headphones
  • network patch cable, cross-over cable or adapter
    • a retractable one is very handy -mdz
    • CAT6 is ideal for gigabit networks
  • power converters for destination locale
    • highly recommend at least one universal retractable one, regardless of destination country. particularly at Canonical events, there are lots of different socket options around -mdz
  • security cable for physically locking laptop to furniture
  • soft cloth for cleaning laptop screen
  • usb thumbdrive(s)
  • RJ45 coupler (extend the too-short hotel cable using your own)


  • screwdriver set
  • multitool (swiss army knife | leatherman)


  • Audio/Video
    • audio Y-cable (headphone jack to stereo RCA)
    • headphones (noise-canceling)
    • 3.5mm headphone patch cable
    • webcam
  • External
    • external hard drive(s)
    • external mouse
    • external headset/mic (for voip/skype calls)
    • external video cables (svga, dvi, hdmi, svideo)
    • external powered PC speakers
  • Networking
    • Wireless router/AP
    • Hub(s)/Switch(es)
  • Power
    • dc car adapter
    • power adapter (multi-outlet)
    • power strip from your native country (share one adapter for all your devices: laptop, mobile phone charger, etc.)
  • Misc
    • usb led light
    • gps


  • Printer
  • Scanner


  • VOIP telephone adapter and wireless telephone handset.

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