I am Trent Lloyd, known online as lathiat

I have been using computers since I was about 8 or something, using an amiga 500, I am now 17, living in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been using linux since 2001, when I picked up a copy of corel linux on a magazine cover cd and primarily with debian since 2002. Since 2003 I have been getting involved with the GNOME project, contributing a few small patches, mostly to evolution.

During 2003 I was involved with the organisation of, one of the more popular linux developer conferences, I also ran a mini-conference along-side the main conference on IPv6, and again in 2004, which was largely linux-focussed in terms of using it.

I am currently hacking on Avahi (, a fully free, LGPL, multicast-dns network service discovery client library with aims to get mdns-sd service discovery integrated into the gnome desktop which is an integral part of gnome. We have recently released 0.1 (Edit: now we have 0.2! Coming to breezy soon I hope Smile :) which I am currently writing a Spec for inclusion in breezy+1 (Edit: ZeroConfSpec now exists! :).

Related to Avahi I am also working on better working zeroconf support, which provides a laptop with a ipv4 address to use for this service discovered stuff when no network connection is active.

I am hoping to become a member of the Ubuntu MOTU team, I plan to look after after various packages that need love when synced with debian etc for the time being. I am currently applying to be a member, the work I want to do currently (fixing unmet deps, rebuilds) is very tedious to do via other people as its often not worth the time me supplying the log to get things rebuild. As such I would like to become a MOTU.

I feel I am a good candidate for an Ubuntu member as I am involved in both the project itself (as below), in the communtities it encompasses (GNOME, Avahi) and help promote it (Giving away lots of CDs, with which I am getting good feedback from lots of people)

Edit: I am now approved as an Ubuntu Member, yay! Next step is to contact the TB to get upload to universe.

I am also interested in Universe Security and will be working in the coming months to fix major security bugs in universe packages, specifically those relating to "server" related tasks but will do as much as I can.

Proposed specification for breezy+1

I am also a member of the LaptopTestingTeam, my Canonical laptop can be found here

And my community supplied laptop report can be found here

I am currently workign with the MOTU team to fix packages, here is a list of packages I have fixed/helped fix

I made a list of packages that were fixable by rebuild that were uploaded my ajmitch

Here is a sample of my mailing list involvement

And here is a number of bugs I have been involved with

And some work on the wiki

I can be emailed on


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