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Here is a collection of the present and future projects that ubuntu-tt will be working on.

  • OBJECTIVE : Draft Marketing Plan.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA : A Marketing Plan.


    • Makes a draft
    • Board passes draft
    • Implements marketing plan.
  • DRIVER :ndelandro

The rationale used is that the more capable that an individual is, the more that he/she can offer to the LoCo and Ubuntu as a whole. Specialisation in teams will help with Organising training as more experienced team members will help to get new contributors on their way to making ubuntu bigger and better.

  • OBJECTIVE : Become a Approved Loco Team

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA : To move from being a New Team to a Approved Team.


  • DRIVER :trinikrono


  • - 18th September 2010 - Went software freedom day in trincity mall - trinikrono.

  • Created forum on ubuntuforums.2010/05/09
  • Got jpds to redirect to wiki page.27/04/2010

  • Updated wiki page.12/04/2010
  • Created irc channel.09/04/2010
  • Created Launchpad Team.14/02/2010
  • Created Mailing list

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