About me

Real Name: Dries Desmet

Located at: Waregem, Belgium


Email: <dries AT SPAMFREE urga DOT be>


Member of BelgianTeam


My interests are:

  • Ubuntu
  • Python and Django
  • Computer-generated Imagery (CGI)
  • linux small business server
  • filming with Digital SLR's (Canon EOS 5D)
  • cycling


I own a company together with Karen Vansteenbrugge that is best described as a graphic studio. Our services reach from traditional graphic design for print over website design on to motion graphics and video post-production. We run a few small web servers and provide website services using Django and Google Apps. We choose to take a personal approach to our clients who come to us not for our technical expertise, but rather for our complete approach.


  • I think Ubuntu could become the easy to manage small business server, but there is work to do. The base is there, now contributions are needed. Hope to help where time permits.
  • I keep an eye on google all the time. So far, in my opinion, the company has succeeded in offering great services without keeping all strings up tight. I truly believe that in the long term and except for a few dedicated activities, most companies and individuals will switch to online services for most of their digital data needs.




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