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 * Slideshow on PPC Desktop ISO was removed because of a bug on webkit (Bug:996568)


New Features in Lubuntu 14.04

  • LTS Support (3 years).
  • New pcmanfm (1.2.0 version), with a lot of new features (folder settings, dual pane view, menu editing).
  • New lxsession-default-apps with a new user interface.
  • An update of the artwork (new icons, theme update, more compatibilities ...).

Lubuntu Applications

System Requirements

A Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 MB of RAM is probably a bottom-line configuration that may yield slow yet usable system with a standard lubuntu desktop.

14.04 32 bit ISO require your CPU to have Physical Address Extensions, or PAE. "PAE is provided by Intel Pentium Pro and above CPUs, including all later Pentium-series processors (except most 400 MHz-bus versions of the Pentium M)." - If you have a NON-PAE CPU and would like to install Lubuntu 12.10, please see this link

For PowerPC, it is known to run on a G4 running at 867MHz with 640MB RAM.

For Intel based Macs, lubuntu should run on all models.

Known Issues


  • PPC has several issues and workarounds, please refer to the documentation on the wiki.

  • Slideshow on PPC Desktop ISO was removed because of a bug on webkit (996568)

Graphics and Display

  • PPC issued are detailed above.


Ubuntu Release notes

Get Lubuntu

Head over here to get it.


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