Ariana event

1.1 Acknowledgement

Ubuntu-tn thanks all participants who has contributed to the realization of the event.

1.2 Introduction

Under the promotion of Ubuntu in Tunisia, Ubuntu-tn organized a day for the secondary school teachers of Ariana. That was to highlight the features of Ubuntu OS and show teachers how can they use Ubuntu OS in teaching. That could be interesting especially when we know that students take operating system courses and also they are studying some programming languages such as PHP and MySQL which could be integrated in Ubuntu. They are taking courses also about image and sound processing by using Audacity and GIMP.

1.3 Presentations

Ubuntu Presentation by Mr. Karim FATHALLAH

During this presentation I began to introduce our team and its interest in Education and then I explained the basic issues such as what is a Linux distribution? Ubuntu benefits compared to other distributions and the different ways to install Ubuntu. During my presentation, several questions were asked about the utility of using GNU / Linux operating system in high schools as an alternative to Windows. The whole team contributed to argument our answers.

Installing software under Ubuntu and AptOnCD presentation by Mr. Mohamed Ben Bouzid

Following a discussion about installing Ubuntu, I tried to present some methods of installing softwares under Ubuntu using Apt, then a demonstration of software installation via AptOnCD.

  • The first part focused on installing software via the Internet such as:
    • Installation with Add / Remove Ubuntu general menu:the importance of this method consist on organizing the applications by category, and the ability to sort these applications by popularity.
    • using the Synaptic: focus on the dependencies of packages.
    • Installation with one click via apt: / /
    • Installation of . deb files (by clicks or using the terminal)
    • Installing with apt-get install.
  • The second part consists of a demo of AptOnCD tool which allows the packages recovery of your cache, create CD repositories and install applications directly from the CD without Internet connexion.


Introducing Wine and Sabily by Mr. Abdelmonem KOUKA

  • It was an opportunity to present the distribution Sabily (used to be known as Ubuntu Muslim Edition), I started with a demo showing the specifications of this distribution at the grub screen and login screen. Then I raised the concept of Sabily and a little history, then I completed the demo showing the content of Sabily (listed on this page: http://www.sabily. org/website/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=9&lang=en). During the second part of my presentation I introduced the Wine software which allows to run Windows programs on Linux, I talked about the need of this tool and its benefits. I made a demo showing the installation and implementation of several programs dedicated to Windows using Wine under Sabily. A brief introduction to PlayOnLinux was conducted by Chaker Zaafouri.

Virtual OS Presentation by Mr. Wajih Letaief

Many Linux users are complaining mainly about the non availability of certain proprietary software normally they used in Windows. Kouka presented Wine which is an alternative to make proprietary softwares running on Linux, but because of the non-compatibility of some proprietary software its configuration could be so difficult, Virtualization could be a solution which has pushed forward its interest in running any OS wanted to install the desired software. But the most important point on which the speaker wanted to stress was that virtualization is not a final solution but his purpose was to encourage the use of OSS and the actual use of virtualization should be the preparation of the machine either for test or demonstration.


MBB: Successful event, but still some details to set: We should not focus more on the technical part, in order to avoid off topic interventions during the presentations. RachedTN: we should have a look to courses books before our presentations this could be of a great help.

Lunch and Discussion

Attendees: Hanen BEN RHOUMA, Karim FATHALLAH, Chaker ZAAFOURI, Abdelmonem KOUKA, Mohamed BEN BOUZID, Wajih LETAIEF, Mohamed Karim BCHINI, Karim FOUGHALI et Rached ALEYA

Interesting topics were discussed during lunch: preparation of a training workshops for Ubuntu-tn team, establishing the association and Ras El Jbal invitation by Karim Fathallah.


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Credits : hela OUESLATI, wassim derguech, Rached ALEYA, Insaf, ubuntu-tn editorial and ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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