We wish to thank first of all the community of UBUNTU-TN and we bring our thanks to Mr Mehdi Ellouz the man to whom we owe the organization and the coordination between ISET and UBUNTU-TN team. It must be said that Mr Mehdi presents the voice of the free spirit within the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Sfax (ISET), also encourages his students to follow this path, we must not forget that he has contributed much to motivate students and teachers to discover our beloved UBUNTU OS.


Gathering of the members participating in the EventISETS9 .02 in the « villa des hôtes » of the FSS which congregate Wajih Letaief, Chaker Zaafouri, Lahiani Chourouk and Bilel Elleuch. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Souhail who was our contact with ISET and we were aware of the wishes of the ISET on conferences and workshops. We have carried out the essentials preparations to correct the calendar, schedules presentations and their times, while trying to find the best allocation of tasks for individual participants and planning workshops expected by the audience and under the guidance of Mr. Souhail. During this evening, the team did not have been out of work : This was the first install party (although too small) reserved for Mr Souhail who installed Ubuntu on his laptop. In parallel to the installation, these have all participated in the demonstrations and explanations.

Day 1:


The first day began with opening remarks of the Director of the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Sfax, Mr. Boubaker Elleuch who mentioned his interest in free software and communities and encouraged the use of open source solutions within the educational system. Then we were treated to the presentation of the Ubuntu operating system, its philosophy and strengths during an extended session provided by the lecturer LETAEIF Wajih. This session's first slice was a presentation of the LoCo Team ubuntu-tn, training, membership and objectives and was closed by a discussion with the audience. After a coffee break, we attended the second presentation. It was the theme in ubuntu virtualization tool VirtualBox with SUN Microsystems and it took considerable time to introduce the concept of virtualization, the different tools and technologies, and then the justification for the choice of VirtualBox with a demonstration. The conference has generated great interest since the audience was very active and there were lots of speeches. The 3rd presentation was moderated by Mr. Shakir and Mr. Rochdi Zaafouri ABID who presented a collaborative work in ubuntu, and the public fully understood the concept of CRM and collaborative work with the example of Zimbra and then on a cited other examples. The session was very dynamic as it addressed a very new topic for the audience. Thus ended the first day in ISET and we spent internally at the university where we had lunch in a good atmosphere gathering the team ubuntu-tn and teachers.

Install Party:

During the afternoon the whole team working to achieve the various planned tasks, divided into 2 groups, members will head to Room 2:
The first Room:
With the team consisting of Wajih, Hela and Bilel:
- The first step was a workshop presented by Hela EDIS for NetBeans and then other IDEs and Bilel 's demos programming
- Wajih then took the main hall and made a full install party (Full migration to Ubnutu without Dual Boot)
Migration of the computer in the classrooms of the ISET by students who did not have laptops with them Students' and proffessors' laptops migration .
« Special » migration of two PCs of two students because they wanted to migrate .
- During the install party, Wajih led a sort of quiz whose prices were the stickers "Powered by Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu". The quiz covered all the concepts discovered during the day.
- A VirtualBox workshop was then held by Wajih, and the session ended with with Vbox installed and a cloned VM model prepared on all computers.
Second Room:
With the team of Rihab, Chaker, and Bilel Chourouk:
- The total migration to Ubuntu OS. - Dual-Boot Install party with the participation of teachers and students. - Workshop and VirtualBox ubuntu utilisation .
Satisfied with an audience, the end of the first day was was announced in a late hour.
After dinner in a good restaurant we went to home to prepare ourselves for the next day!

Day 2:


The second day began with a conference on Voice over IP (VoIP) as presented by Chaker initiation for this new technology with the presentation of instrumentation prototype and simulation. After a coffee break we had towards the presentation of the economic model of a SSLL (Society of Free Software Service) with real proof and real example of Tunisian company in collaboration with Mr ABID Rochdi, Ckaker continued the presentation of 'ubuntu server in SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) and VSE (Very Small Business) and ending up with the submission of high availability solutions for TPE / PME during the conference, other speakers , have treated the resolution of problems or configurations of laptops installed the day before. Similarly, they have occupied in parallel burning CDs since the stock led to the needs of the Event has sold out quickly.


The workshops are activities which have attracted a maximum of people which explains the extended period during the second day of the event.The lunch was in a late hour of the evening and we left on the 2 classrooms 2 team ensuring the workshop as follows!

1st phase:

2 the group operated as follows:
Group 1:
Comprising Rochdi Chaker and for practical examples in the workshop of VoIP as an exmple Zimbra server software for collaborative work (or groupware) that allows users to store, organize and share appointments, contacts, email, links , documents and more.
Group 2:
Workshop C programming was introduced by combining the Bilel different method of developing in C \ C + + under ubuntu by simple editor and compiler or through an integrated development environment (IDE Integrated Development Environment)
A second workshop was presented JAVA Programming by Miss Hela OUESLATI which detailed and explained the procedure for installing and programming in Java on ubuntu with the NetBeans IDE.

2nd phase:

There was a change in groups:
Group 1:
Tarek, and Bilel Chourouk: provided various workshops Customization, graphic effect, VBox and the « How to » of using Ubuntu for new users of ubuntu.
Group 2:
-Wajih, Hela and at a later stage Chourouk, Tarek and Bilel for a second install party saw the success and spread of information between teachers and students.
VirtualBox-workshop ended with the presentation of the solution oracle and postgresql in ubuntu.

Install Party:

Given the success achieved during the first day, the public has asked us to make a second install party, as several of them could not attend the party install the first day, because they have not brought their laptops.
Similarly, after a small argument resumed and a small quick demo on his laptop, Wajih has convinced the rest of the people who have not made or chosen migration solution to migrate once and for all to Dual Boot.
Thus, this second install party brought together:
-Absentees from the previous day
-People who performed with a Dual Boot
-People wanting to attend for fun
This install party ended with the presentation of Wajih the following points :
Installing VirtualBox on all machines and cloning of VM prepared for the purposes of the demo Oracle installation and setup for those who had requested
Installation and setup of PostgreSQL for those who had requested and finally, Wajih has guided throughout the world to connect to the site  « mibbit » and connect to the IRC channel of the Tunisian team to show them in a session of live assistance that has been improvised with Rached Alaya was fortunately connected. Then a tour was offered to these wiki pages for the team. The install party finished out at 21 hours and it is mentioned that nobody left the room before the speakers:)

Credits :Aymen AMRI, Rached ALEYA, Ubuntu-tn editorial Team & ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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