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Ubuntu-tn, the Tunisian Team


inline:TunisianTeam/tun.png [:TunisianTeam/AR:قراءة هذه الصفحة باللغة العربية]BR {en} [:TunisianTeam/En:Read This Page in English] BR {fr} [:TunisianTeam:Lire cette page en Français]BR



Ubuntu-tn is a Tunisian team whose goal is to promote the use of Ubuntu Linux. Our objective is to gather information and documentation in order to make it possible to a Tunisian user to learn and share his experience so as to enrich others’, and to bring his help to this system users.

This page, the official Web page of the Tunisian Team, was created by volunteers who share a common passion toward free software, believe in this distribution and abide by to the message that it conveys: “humanity to others”.


Our goals are helping and convincing Tunisians who wonder if Ubuntu is made for them, promoting Ubuntu in Tunisia, in particular in the educational field and university circles and contributing to the development of Ubuntu and its translation into Arabic.

Work Groups


[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/Secretaire:Secretary]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/RelationsEntreprises:Relationships with companies]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/RelationsUniversites:Relationships with universities]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/RelationsInternationales:International relationships]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/Evenements:Events]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/WebEtTech:Web & Tech]BR[:TunisianTeam/Groupes/Redaction:Redaction]

Our team includes seven groups of works created during a meeting on 20 June 2008. Each group is headed by a coordinator, assisted by a deputy. All coordinators and assistants form the executive committee. Every member of our team is member of all groups by default. It is the coordinator to manage the work of the group. If you have a project in mind or want to contribute to the current projects of a group, contact its coordinator.BRBRBR

Some Past Events

  • Physical meeting on July 6, 2008 in Tunis.
  • Election of the Management Committee.
  • Install party of Ubuntu 8.04 at the ISET Charguiya (17/4/2007)
  • Install party of Ubuntu 8.04 at the ISI with the Freeways club. (30/4/2007)
  • Election and vote for the new [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Logo logo].

  • SFD'07 (27/10/2007) : Our team participated in the [http://www.sfdtunisia.org Software Freedom Day 2007] which took place at the City of Sciences in Tunis on the 27th of Oct 2007 from 9 to 5. [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/sfd07 Here are the preparations of our team].

How to subscribe

LoCoTeamContact : [:Nizar12: Nizar Kerkni] & [:RafikOuerchefani: Rafik Ouerchefani]


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