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Key Details


We have 7 work groups, each one has its planning:

  1. Secretary

  2. Relationships with companies

  3. Relationships with universities

  4. International relationships

  5. Events

  6. Web&Tech

  7. Redaction

    • FAQ's
    • How To's
    • Newbie documentation
    • Translation import into LP
    • Important documents translation
    • Well-indexed wiki pages (update/clean up)
    • Forum moderation and maintenance when needed
    • Three languages pack (en/fr/ar) translation for wikis
    • Reports review and validation accordingly to the approved template
    • Efficient usability of LP features for work collaboration and info sharing
    • New classroom sessions' (pre/post)arrangement on #ubuntu-tn-classroom

    (i) This is an "in progress" roadmap for Redaction team: Note that mention of a featured idea or the above todo list does not guarantee that it will be fulfilled, these are goals, not promises Smile :-)



During this first year we focused our efforts on the presentation and promotion of ubuntu in schools and universities. Our LoCo visited different Tunisian cities to present and to talk about ubuntu and free software in general. At each visit we distribute CD and we animate an install party for participants. One of our pilot project was the migration of the computing center of the ENIS (National Engineering School of Sfax), where we have installed ubuntu on 150 PC (10 class rooms). Thus the majority of practical work will be done with ubuntu and with free software equivalent to proprietary software used before this migration. So this last year 13 event was held in 5 towns, 8 high schools, etc... All our events with reports usually in French and in English (the complete report or an abstract) are grouped here :


Team Reporting

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

To share our activity with the international Ubuntu community we send our LoCo news to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter :


A first classroom session was organised by our LoCo and it was maintained under the name "Introduction to Bazaar". This session was a great success in our LoCo community and in the FOSS Tunisian community. For more information : and

LoCo Team Meetings

A regular monthly meeting is held to discuss LoCo actions and organise our activities. When needed, a non regular meeting can be organised. For each meeting we prepare an agenda and we publish minutes. Since our approval xx meetings were organised (yy regular meetings, indicated by Ubuntu , and zz non regular meetings, indicated by Warning /!\ ). For a full history of our meetings visit this page : Meeting. Agenda and minutes are in French.