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  • Supporting the new team members of FLOSS club FreeMind - at the higher institute of computer science and communication techniques of hammam sousse.

  • Software Freedom Day

  • Ubuntu Release Party 13.10

  • Ubuntu Global Jam 13.09 - We are planning more advanced contributions in larger number of participants for next Ubuntu Global Jams as the team members now have more technical experience with packaging and bug triagging activities. Our next challenge is to actually have some involved in each Ubuntu development cycle.

  • IRL National Meeting - Our community is in need of a new national meeting to reactivate members in most of the cities and increase the number of new active members. This is planned for the next two to three months.

  • Ubuntu classrooms - organize more classrooms to improve team skills in different field and involve more members in Ubuntu contribution.

  • Partnership with some FLOSS NGOs and broaden Ubuntu-TN activity - Activites and events for universities and schools will continue. But our next challenge is to reach more the non-academic public.

  • Youth events - Our new challenge is to offer the alternative to young people at their early age so they have the choice of freedom. We are planning to reach a much younger public.

  • Ubuntu-TN T-Shirts - produce ubuntu-TN T-Shirts and more ubuntu material such as stickers.

  • Increase active FF members - FF members are the heart of our team! they are the members who do most of the job and make the community more active and productive. We have been already working on increasing the number of this team members and we are planning to reach at least twice the number of Current FF members before 2014.

  • Introduce new types of events - such as development events, cooperating with other communities and teams, national and international events. This is not on the roadmap for this year yet. It should be planned for fall 2013 or for 2014.

  • Produce the first release of Ubuntu-TN magazine - This is planned to be done soon this year, the magazin then will be released quarterly.

  • More cooperation with other communities - More cooperation with other teams and communities from other countries may be planned for 2014.


June 2013

May 2013

  • Ubuntu and free software day - at Monastir Sciences Palace PSM 13.05 Photo album

  • Ubuntu flash-coffee

April 2013

  • Ubuntu flash-coffee

March 2013

  • Ubuntu global Jam 13.03 - at "Science Faculty of Monastir" Photo album

  • Ubuntu flash-coffee

February 2013

  • Ubuntu flash-coffee

January 2013

  • Ubuntu-flash coffee

December 2012

  • Opening event of the CLLFSM free software club - at "The Faculty of Science" Monastir Photo album

November 2012

  • Release Party of Ubuntu 12.10 - at the "National School of Engineering", Tunis ; Photo Album.

October 2012

  • Opening event and install party for ISIMUX club - Linux and free software club at the "Higher Insistute for Computer Science and Mathematics of Monastir" Photo album

  • Software Freedom Day 2012 - in cooperation with "Monastir Science Palace ". Photo album

June 2012

  • Arabic Mozilla Meetup 2012

May 2012

  • Ubuntu Release Party 12.04

  • GNU/Linux Distributions Day - at "National Engineering School" Sousse Photo album

  • Richard Stallman conference - at Monastir Science Palace Photo album

April 2012

  • Richard Mathew Stallman conference - at The "National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology" Tunis Photo album

March 2012

  • Ubuntu global Jam 12.03

  • Participation in the first TEDx Sousse 12.03

February 2012

  • Ubuntu flash coffee

January 2012

  • IRL national meeting 12.01 - at hackerspace

  • Ubuntu flash coffee

  • open source communities meeting

December 2011

  • Ubuntu Day - at "The Tunisia Private University"

  • the Free Software Day - at "Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Kairouan"

November 2011

  • ubuntu and Free Software Day - at the "National Engineering School of Gabes" Photo album

September 2011

  • Ubuntu Global Jam 11.09 - at "private university of Sousse" Photo album

  • Software Freedom Day 2011 - at "The hotel Oliviers Palace of Sfax" Photo album

  • Ubuntu Flash Coffee - Photo album

July 2011

  • IRL national meeting 11.07 - at "Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse" Photo album

May 2011

  • InstallParty Ubuntu 11.04 - at "the association Youth and Science of Tunis"

April 2011

  • ubuntu and Free Software Day - at the "Higher Institute of Computer and Communication Techniques of sousse" Photo album

  • ubuntu and Free Software Day - at the "Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse" Photo album

March 2011

  • I choose freedom! I choose ubuntu! - Compain organization

  • Free Software Tunisian clubs - Participation in the Workshop

January 2011

  • Ubuntu User Days classroom

December 2010

  • Ubuntu Day - at the Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics of Monastir Photo album

  • National Conference for Free Software - Ubuntu Opening Keynote of Mark Shuttleworth (Photo album - Blog)

November 2013

  • SIB 2010 - Yearly national computer expo of Tunis

  • ENSI 10.11 - Photo

September 2010

  • ISET Charguia - Higher Institute for Technological Studies of Charguia


Our team have been able to achive all the goals of our last roadmap and even more then expected.

  • Activity diversity - The team was able to introduce new types of activities such as release parties, Flash caffee, Ubuntu Global Jam and new National and International events.

  • Supporting other FLOSS clubs and communities - During last years we have supported the launch of many new FLOSS club around the country and worked and collaborated with other clubs and communities.

  • Team skills improvement - not only we have planned Ubuntu Global Jam, actually we started teaching new skills such as packaging and bug triagging in Tunisia, now we have many members who are familiar with different activities of Global Jam and can do more advanced contribution. Members also benefit from the days spent together to share experience, build more relationship and join new members to the team. We are expecting to be able to share a good experience with other teams soon.

  • New LoCo structure - The new coordination team and new active members have been able to keep the community up an running with the appropriate new community structure. Even though this structure worked well, it is still not perfect yet, so new improvements will be coming as needed.

  • Ubuntu-TN website - The community managed to finish Ubuntu-TN website and managed to sponsor the domain name and webhost. Yet the website is still in beta testing and new improvements would be expected.