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## page was copied from TunisianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2013
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 * '''Date''' - 15/09/2015
 * '''Previews Approvals''' - 2008 ([[../ApprovalApplication2008|first approval application]]); 2010 ([[../ApprovalApplication|ReApprovalApplication]]); 2013 ([[../ReApprovalApplication2013|ReApprovalApplication2013]])
 * '''Date''' - xx/11/2017
 * '''Previews Approvals''' - 2008 ([[../ApprovalApplication2008|first approval application]]); 2010 ([[../ApprovalApplication|ReApprovalApplication]]); 2013 ([[../ReApprovalApplication2013|ReApprovalApplication2013]]); 2015 ([[../ReVerificationApplication2015|ReVerificationApplication2015]])
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   * 80 Active Members on Launchpad as of 11 August 2015
   * 869 people subscribed to the mailing list as of 01 September 2015
   * '''7 Ubuntu Members''' - [[LaunchpadHome:nizarus]], [[LaunchpadHome:zied.alaya]], [[LaunchpadHome:mawale]], [[LaunchpadHome:ahmed.sghaier]], [[LaunchpadHome:elacheche]], [[LaunchpadHome:hammouda-mariam]], [[LaunchpadHome:d4rk-5c0rp]]
   * 40 Active Members on Launchpad as of November 12, 2017
   * 873 people subscribed to the mailing list as of November 12, 2017
   * '''7 Ubuntu Members''' - [[LaunchpadHome:nizarus]], [[LaunchpadHome:zied.alaya]], [[LaunchpadHome:mawale]], [[LaunchpadHome:ahmed.sghaier]], [[LaunchpadHome:elacheche]], [[LaunchpadHome:hammouda-mariam]], [[LaunchpadHome:d4rk-5c0rp]], [[LaunchpadHome:naeilzoueidi]]
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 * '''Facebook page''' - [[|Ubuntu Tunisie]] with '''3,456 members''' as of 11 August 2015. (1.5 times the number during our last reapproval)
 * '''Facebook Community''' - [[|Ubuntu Tunisia]] with '''11,298 members''' as of 11 August 2015. (More than '''four''' times the number during our last reapproval)
 * '''Facebook page''' - [[|Ubuntu Tunisie]] with '''3,736 members''' as of November 12, 2017.
 * '''Facebook Community''' - [[|Ubuntu Tunisia]] with '''11,585 members''' as of November 12, 2017.
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 * ''Help organizing Software Freedom Day 2015''  * ''Be part of Software Freedom Day 2017''
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{{{#!wiki comment
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Key Details


  • Supporting all the Tunisian FLOSS community

  • Be part of Software Freedom Day 2017

  • Ubuntu Release Parties

  • Ubuntu-tn classrooms - Get back to have some irc classrooms, including cli 101 and Golbal Jam oriented classrooms.

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - We are planning more advanced contributions in larger number of participants for next Ubuntu Global Jams as the team members now have more technical experience with packaging and bug triagging activities. Our next challenge is to actually have some involved in each Ubuntu development cycle.

  • IRL National Meeting - Our community is in need of a new national meeting to reactivate members in most of the cities and increase the number of new active members. This is planned for the next two to three months.

  • Universities events - Making contact with the new peoples who are running FLOSS clubs in universities to have Ubuntu-tn event in those universities.

  • Increase active FF members - FF members are the heart of our team! they are the members who do most of the job and make the community more active and productive. We have been already working on increasing the number of this team members and we are planning to reach at least twice the number of Current FF members before 2014.

  • More cooperation with other communities - More cooperation with other teams and communities from other countries like Ubuntu Africa and the whole International community.

  • Make use and cleanup the community resources - Clean up our Wiki by removing or archiving the old pages, use LP, LoCo Dir, ML and IRC more often to keep tracks of the community activities.

  • Teach community active members to work on our main resources - ML, irc, Wiki, LP, LoCo Dir.

  • Website - Create a showcase website, it should be user friendly and only have information about the LoCo, try to push community to contribute to it via LP.



  • Activity diversity - The team was able to introduce new types of activities such as release parties, Ubuntu Global Jam and new National and International events.

  • Supporting other FLOSS clubs and communities - During last years we have supported the launch of many new FLOSS club around the country and worked and collaborated with other clubs and communities.

  • Ubuntu-TN website - The community managed to finish Ubuntu-TN website and managed to sponsor the domain name and web host. Yet the website is still in beta testing and new improvements would be expected.


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