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=== Wiki Proofreading and Improvement manager === === Content Proofreading and Improvement manager ===


As we go through the steps needed to organize our team for the QQ cycle, some needs had a high priority and roles were created and assigned to volunteers.

Team Roles

Team Leader

  • Assigned to: Cariboo907

  • Activities:

    • Manage the team staff and activities.
    • Ensure the team activities are being done according to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
    • Be the point-of-contact for all team management issues.

IRC Manager

  • Assigned to: Kaldor

  • Activities:

    • Understand the processes and steps required to use the Freenode IRC structure and Ubuntu-IRC-CC requirements.
    • Setup our IRC channel properly and manage the use of IRC bots, if provided by IRC managing boards.
    • Be the point-of-contact for anything IRC related

Wiki Content Manager

  • Assigned to: Ventrical

  • Activities:

    • Primarily develop the tester-wiki as a user friendly reference base focused on usability
    • Engage into other activities within the team technical documentation
    • Be the point-of-contact for anything related to the team wiki development

Content Proofreading and Improvement manager

  • Assigned to: grahammechanical

  • Activities:

    • Proofread the Wiki contents, suggesting and applying improvements to existing content
    • Evaluates potential improvements to the team content, actively applying them
    • Focuses on enhancing clarity and correctness
    • Engage into other activities within the team technical documentation

Team Custodiam

  • Assigned to: Effenberg0x0

  • Activities:

    • The team Janitor
    • Responsible for cleaning, maintaining, providing security to the team
    • Makes minor repairs to the team infrastructure.

Open Roles

  • Recruitment Manager: Will browse UbuntuForums, other forums, IRC and other online communities, locate Ubuntu users interested in learning more about Ubuntu and contributing to it, and invite them to join the team.

Future Team Roles

As we define testing activities for the QQ cycle, a number of new roles will be created. Some activities will include:

  • Team Ambassador: Will locate other testing-communities, contact its leaders, propose alliances and exchange of resources and information

  • Marketing Manager: Will promote the team internally (within the Ubuntu community) and externally (blogs, websites, etc), according to a marketing plan

  • Education Manager: Will promote activities to bring knowledge to new and regular members of the team. Those include IRC sessions with developers, bug management specialists, other testing communities specialists, etc.

  • Bug Manager: Will verify that all bugs found by the team are properly reported. Will contact developers to inform about the report and keep track of bugs fixed / not fixed.

These are only a few of the possible roles to be created soon. Please read the requirements to join the U+1 team, to apply for a role, suggest or create one (self assignment).

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