Proposing Sessions For the Ubuntu Developer Summit

An Ubuntu Developer Summit takes place in a venue with a number of breakout rooms, and a number of sessions run at the same time. A number of these sessions are schedule by the conference organisers, and seperated into different tracks. These sessions cover a number of the core goals for the next release of Ubuntu.

In addition to these sessions though, there is a significant amount of schedule time for sessions proposed by the community. These sessions are registered in Launchpad, and the conference organisers evaluate proposed sessions and add them to the schedule closer to the start of the UDS.

Proposing a session

To propose a session, follow these steps. You should note that only attendees of the UDS should propose sessions:

  • Visit and see if any similar specs to the one you want to register are already registered.

  • If not, click the 'Register a blueprint' button.
  • Fill in the details of your spec and ensure your spec is written with as much detail as possible. Ensure that the 'Propose for sprint' combo box has the 'UDS Boston' entry selected.

Closer to the start of the UDS, your spec will be decided on and possibly added to the schedule. We also plan to run the scheduler during the UDS so additional specs can be added at the UDS, although naturally availability in the schedule will be more limited.

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