UDS Intrepid QA Report

Plans for 8.10


  • Upgrade testing - Take over the running of mvo's upgrade scripts. Perform regular upgrade tests leading up to release in VMs with a significant number of packages installed

  • Stock Ubuntu KVM images - Provide stock KVM images of different flavours and releases of Ubuntu used for performing SRU, upgrade and install testing (e.g. testing migration and resizing).

  • KVM images for upstream software - Provide downloadable KVM images of an upstream versions of key software for testing related to bug forwarding. Initial image based on Debian testing, covering Gnome, OpenOffice and Firefox (replacing Iceweasel).

  • Upstream kernel builds - Work with the kernel team to provide PPA builds of upstream kernels for user testing.

  • Desktop test automation - Implement and deploy a basic set of desktop tests to be run regularly in the data centre on the development archive

  • Mobile test automation - Write test scripts for basic functionality of the UME desktop to be run in VMs and on mobile devices

  • ISO testing automation - Use pre-seeding to to test desktop images as well as server images (currently performed by the server team)

  • Improved test case management Improve the structure and level of detail in the test cases in the wiki. Fork the current cases into an Intrepid and Hardy LTS set.


  • Kernel bug migration - merge and close bugs from 2.6.x packages with 'linux'.

  • Confirmed -> Triaged bug migration - Move a significant proportion of bugs from Confirmed to Triaged.

  • Bug upstreaming documentation - Improve the documentation explaining how to file bugs upstream for individual upstream projects.

  • Bug escalation procedures - Provide mechanism for trusted community members to escalate serious bugs

Tracking & Monitoring

  • Bug metrics - Continue to improve the set of available bug metrics, focusing increasingly on information that can be used to guide development as well as triage

  • Package-specific status pages - Implement weather-report style status pages for key packages located at to

  • SRU bug tracking - Improve tracking of the SRU bug lists with a set of script-generated web pages that extracts status, test case text and tag information from SRU process bugs. Provide views of main and universe as well as current and archive views

  • Release bug tracking - Clarification and documentation of bug milestones and nominations


QA Intrepid specs are listed QATeam/Specs.


Kernel Bug Migration

See QATeam/KernelBugMigration.

Bug response times

Spec: foo


  • How can we measure it?
  • How can we improve it?
  • Display on per-package status page?
  • Larger picture: global bug volume


  • How can we measure it?
    • some date transitions are recorded in Launcpad
      • available on a per task basis
        • date-left-new - particularly useful
          • this is the first time the bug's state changed
        • date-confirmed
        • date-triaged
        • date-incomplete
        • date-triaged - particularly useful
        • date-fixcommited
        • date-fix-released - particularly useful
        • date-closed
        • date-inprogress
        • date-assigned
        • date-created
          • the date-created for a bug watch would show when the upstream task was created
          • the activity log, bug-watch-updater first comment, shows when the watch was created
      • available for the bug in general
        • date reported
        • date updated
      • missing?
        • date importance set - in activity log but potentially hard to parse
      • look at the average or median response times over a 1,3,6 month period
      • a new tool in the bughelper suite could be used to show time in state statistic infromation
  • How can we improve it?
    • making information publicly available
  • Display on per-package status page
    • also combine some packages for example linux-source, linux-restricted-modules, linux-ubuntu-modules, linux-backports-modules
  • Display on a per repository basis
  • Display on a per team basis using something like

    • these are packages that a team is subscribed to

Bug escalation procedures

Spec: foo


  • Case 1: World breaking regressions in stable or late devel version
    • Using the critical importance with an escalation bot
  • Case 2: Important bugs that need be made more prominent before release
    • Formal and informal escalation paths within the QA team


  • Notes

Upstream Bug Workflow



Extending the test tracker


  • SRU Fix validation facility
  • More granular test case recording




  • Landing page
  • Per-package weather reports


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