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|| Eucalyptus || Dan Nurmi and crew || || || Eucalyptus || Dan Nurmi and crew || 30 minute session ||

Plenary Ideas and Suggestions

After lunch at UDS we usually have an hour of plenary talks to give people an opportunity to address Ubuntu developers as a whole. Usually these are broken up into :15 minute sessions. If you want to do a plenary then please add your topic below. Here are some hints:

  • The intended audience is the group of Ubuntu Developers and upstreams/downstreams in attendance.
  • "Here's what's going with this upstream project and how it will affect Lucid" makes for great plenaries.
  • 15 minutes is preferred but if you need more time then please note that.
  • The presenter should not bore people to death, remember it's right after lunch.

When scheduling starts JorgeCastro will slot your plenary into a session and it will show up on the schedule. It is up to YOU to ensure that your presentation gets delivered to Jorge ahead of time. This can be via USB stick, mail, Ubuntu One, or whatever. Unless you are demoing something that requires your own laptop we'd ask everyone to just use the projector already there. Jorge will also drive your slides if you want and take questions from the audience with the microphone.

Proposed Talks



Special Needs

The new Edubuntu !

Stéphane Graber

Just a projector

Ubuntu Software Center roadmap



Preloading Ubuntu

Amit and/or Mario (from Dell)



Dustin Kirkland

30 minute session

Learning things about Ubuntu in Ultimate Debian Database

Lucas Nussbaum

maybe my own laptop if I do a demo. not sure yet.


Dan Nurmi and crew

30 minute session

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