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|| Delicious recipes || Martin Pool, Jelmer Vernooij, or Barry Warsaw || ||

Welcome to the UDS Wiki Page. This page is a workspace for UDS, use it to coordinate stuff. The main UDS page is at: http://uds.ubuntu.com


Please register your attendance here


Hotel form:

Please fill in the attached form

Plenary Submissions



Special Requirements

Ubuntu, Debian, and DEX

Either Jorge or whoever Jorge cons

Intro to Openstack, LXC openstack demo

Thierry Carrez/Chuck Short

Not on Monday and Not on Friday

WebLive and the magic behind it

Stéphane Graber

Just a projector and internet

Wine as a performance metric

Scott Ritchie

The usual

Building apps with Ubuntu One

Stuart Langridge

A very tiny model of Stonehenge lowered down from the ceiling

Delicious recipes

Martin Pool, Jelmer Vernooij, or Barry Warsaw

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