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Welcome to the UDS Wiki Page. This page is a workspace for UDS, use it to coordinate stuff. The main UDS page is at: http://uds.ubuntu.com


Please register your attendance here


Hotel form:

Please fill in the attached form

Plenary Submissions



Special Requirements

Ubuntu, Debian, and DEX

Either Jorge or whoever Jorge cons

Intro to Openstack, LXC openstack demo

Thierry Carrez/Chuck Short

Not on Monday and Not on Friday

WebLive and the magic behind it

Stéphane Graber

Just a projector and internet

Wine as a performance metric

Scott Ritchie

The usual

Building apps with Ubuntu One

Stuart Langridge

A very tiny model of Stonehenge lowered down from the ceiling

Delicious recipes

Martin Pool, Jelmer Vernooij, or Barry Warsaw

The future of the universe, continued


last slot on Monday, if possible

What’s wrong with UDS and how we can fix it


last slot on Friday, if possible