Leadership Mini Summit Ideas

At the Leadership Mini-Summit we want to provide an opportunity to block off some time to discuss leadership topics and help empower our leadership and governance community to feel empowered to lead in our community.

This time it will only be one afternoon and it's currently pencilled in for Tuesday afternoon.

One thing we also would like to change since last time is to make it a bit less heavy on governance-related bits and pieces, but more open to general team leadership. This leadership mini-summit we want to share as much experience among everyone interested as possible.


The leadership summit will take place at one afternoon at UDS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The summit is open to all. Remote participants are welcome to join in the sessions too.


At the beginning of the leadership summit we will review the ideas list below and prioritize which topics are of most interest and then flesh out the time in leadership summit afternoons to discuss the most interesting topics.

Please add your topics below (if you add a topic, you should be willing to attend and help run the session -- feel free to add your name to an existing topic if you are happy to coordinate it too):



Added By

Actively training successors

involving team members in leadership jobs, opening up governance/leadership

Daniel Holbach

Reaching the outer rims of the Ubuntu universe

Reaching out to new contributors who are not in the loop yet

Daniel Holbach

Leadership Clinic

workshop where you bring up your struggling project/team and the people present brainstorm with you on how to resolve them - this might work well in small groups who present their work after 10 minutes)

Daniel Holbach

Making your project do-ocractic

make new contributors feel empowered and creative, but make sure the team/project is progressing

Daniel Holbach

Milestones and mid-cycle check points for community projects

Daniel Holbach

Changing "user" perception

Develop strategies to encourage people new to Ubuntu to drop the "user" mindset as a way to increase participation in the project

Randall Ross

Encouraging "localness"

A discussion about how we might foster the creation of highly localized teams and capitalize on the ease of collaboration on a local scale

Randall Ross

Ubuntu Member "incubator"

A program to expeditiously create and on-board Ubuntu Members

Randall Ross

Governance discussion

Are current governance processes accelerating or capping growth? Are they scaleable to match the growing population of people discovering Ubuntu?

Randall Ross

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