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 * '''IRC:''' `#ubuntu-sevilla`  * '''IRC:''' `#uds-sevilla`


At the beginning of a new development cycle, Ubuntu developers from around the world gather to help shape and scope the next release of Ubuntu. The summit is open to the public, but it is not a conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event. Rather, it is an opportunity for Ubuntu developers -- who usually collaborate online -- to work together in person on specific tasks.

Small groups of developers will participate in short Forum and Workshop (formerly called "BoF"/Birds-of-a-Feather) sessions. This allow a single project is discussed and documented in a written specification. These specifications will be used for planning the new release of Ubuntu, as described in FeatureSpecifications and TimeBasedReleases.

This gathering is open to all, and we hope you'll be able attend. Details for participation at documented in the [:UDS-Sevilla/Participate:Participate] page.


The conference is already underway, please [https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-sevilla/+attend register yourself] as attending (virtually or in person) so that the timetabling schedule will work correctly.

The original pre-advance attendees list has been archived at [:UDS-Sevilla/Attendees:Attendees]!

See the [:UDS-Sevilla/Participate:Participate] page for instructions on joining in remotely.

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