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Natty UDS Ubuntu The Project Proceedings

This page is here to collect together proceedings from sessions as part of the 'Ubuntu The Project' track at the Natty UDS in Orlando, Florida.

Please add proceedings by doing the following:

  • Add a new section with the name of the session.
  • Add the outcomes of the session as a collection of bullet points. The goal of the proceedings is to really focus on decided outcomes, so please try to keep them crisp.




  • Planet Ubuntu - we have identified that we need the names of designers in posts from design.canonical.com on Planet Ubuntu.
  • Daniel Holbach to blog about the team reporting software he has started.
  • Outcome

Developer Advocacy

  • persia and jml to work on a demonstration script + notes
  • dholbach to identify necessary background material
  • duane to work on screencast
  • czajkowski to set up a frontdesk for loco + developer interaction
  • dholbach to work on presentation material
  • dholbach to ask translators
  • kate to do neutral read of documentation

Developer Outreach Resources

  • dholbach to create launchpad project for it
  • dholbach to first draft
  • jml, doctormo, dylan, deryck, jledbetter to test-read
  • doctormo to work on diagrams
  • dpm and dholbach to thnk about translations
  • Test the document (ISVs, peoplw who migrate from Windows/Mac/...)
  • randy, jml to help with getting feedback
  • dholbach to create presentation from text

Development Training Events

  • dholbach to find out about session about tuition weeks at uds natty
  • akgraner to get "notes for presenters" on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Organization/WhatSessionLeadersNeedToKnow

  • dholbach to document where to reach out to, which session topics to choose, making sure that logs have links to proper docs
  • dholbach to talk to platform managers
  • duanedesign to talk to screencast team

Harvest Plans

  • dholbach to find out who worked on merges.u.c last and ask if they can provide .csv
  • laney to work on rcbugs.csv
  • brian-murray to look into sru-able bugs
  • dholbach to give deryck "fixed elsewhere" bug numbers
  • deryck to get those bugs fixed
  • dholbach to blog about creating new opportunity lists
  • dholbach to look into new data format
  • dylanmccall to look into rss feeds
  • dholbach to file outstanding bugs
  • dholbach to blog about harvest, how to help, how to use, etc.
  • mbp to think about improving inline help
  • dylanmccall to look at design improvements for accessibility

Improve Packaging Guide

  • dholbach/barry to investigate if sphinx somehow supports translations
  • dholbach to investigate if we can have a complete guide in mallard
  • dholbach to investigate if html2pdf solves our mallard problems
  • dholbach to set up launchpad project (add dev and doc teams to committers)
  • laney to ask devel list about identifying which of the current packging guide content can be reused for the articles