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Ubuntu Education Summit : UES 2007 Boston

  • When

    • 25 October 2007 : Thursday
    • 26 October 2007 : Friday
  • Where

    • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Event Summary

    • The Ubuntu Education Summit will discuss issues which impact users or stakeholders of Ubuntu products in the Education sector.
  • Event Audience

    • The target audience covers educators, decision-makers, government, developers, community managers and anyone with an interest in the deployment of Ubuntu/Edubuntu/Kubuntu or related open source platforms in education settings.
  • Event Schedule

  • Event Attendees

  • Meeting Overview

  • Event Contact

Ubuntu Education Summit : Overview

We will bring together significant education users and stakeholders who:

  • currently make use of Ubuntu software under various academic and education support scenarios and who wish to use the conference to:

    • present success stories and share learning experiences with others
    • share deployment and usage issues around open source software in education
    • meet with other users or stakeholders and strengthen our communities
    • influence our future product features and directions
    • discuss training and support options


  • are planning to adopt Ubuntu software as their platform of choice in education projects or institutions and who wish to:

    • discuss issues affecting their decision to move onto open source software
    • network with existing open source users or stakeholders to guide deployment plans
    • investigate training and support options


  • are involved with open source software and education, regardless of their linux distribution, who wish to:

    • network with our organisation and users
    • broaden and strengthen the various communities sharing a common vision for open source software in education

Streams / Tracks

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Follow On Events

Ubuntu Developers Summit - UDS 2007

Comments and Suggestions

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, both from within the Ubuntu community, as well as from other interested parties.

We will also be willing to answer questions around:

  • the event location
  • accommodation options

Richard Weideman