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|| Russell Ost || || £75.00 ||


Hello this is NikButler. You may remember me from such public events as Linux World Expo and Lugradio 2006. I had a few T Shirts provided by Canonical as part of the Ubuntu Conference Pack. I suggested that at least one T-shirt should be signed by every UK Team member who helped out at Linux World Expo as well as Canonical staff including SABDFL (MarkShuttleworth) and auctioned to raise some money for [ Children In Need].

Well the T-shirt has been signed by one and all mentioned and even the considered figure of [ Jon 'Maddog' Hall] was on hand to put pen to cloth. So now we have a well signed shirt, currently somewhere in San Francisco, and I am expecting it back into the country on the 20th.

If you're interested in becoming the proud owner of this t-shirt, place your bids on this page. The t-shirt will go to the highest bidder at Friday 24th November 2006 at 13:00 PM UTC. Please try to bid up by at least £2.00 (Pounds Sterling) per bid.

The winning bid will be asked to make out a cheque to [ Children In Need] and to send this to me for banking, in turn I will send them the Tshirt covered in signatures as discussed.

Unfortunately I do not own any images of the Signed Shirt so if someone can locate them then please post here.


Name of Bidder

Contact details

Amount offered

Russell Ost


Mark Johnson






Paul Mellors


Nik Butler



For the Future

Next year I would like to arrange a sponsored BugFix or something similar which we can use to create great software and make peoples' bounties have a doubly positive contribution.


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