It was decided that, after running around Hyde Park to find other GeekNic-Goers, that it would be an idea to create a banner for the Ubuntu UK events


It should ideally advertise the following:

  • the fact that it is a Ubuntu UK event
  • the Ubuntu-UK website ( for those that don't know it!)
  • the Ubuntu-UK event hashtag (#uukout)
  • the Ubuntu Colours (Ubuntu Aubergine, Community Orange)
  • the Circle of Friends


If you have ideas for the banner design, please add it below. Make sure to include your name and Wiki Page link! Banner images should (ideally) be submitted as SVG files.


Using a Digital Print company is probably the cheapest option. A quick google showed up this company to be fairly good:


As with everything, it can't be done for free, and as such some money is needed to pay for it.

Anything Pledged is gratefully received, if you have any queries, please ping someone in the IRC channel #ubuntu-uk



Amount Pledged


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