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Planning for

This topic has provoked a lot of debate on the mailing list and more different threads than is good for it. This page will allow us to create content for the site and spread our discussions throughout that content. Hopefully this will decrease disjointed discussions and promote creation of useful material! It will also make it easier for new people to contribute without having to read through mailing list archives.

Please start your comments with your WikiName and spread them between the relevant sections.


Purpose of the site

SteveSmith: After reading the comments of Mark Van de Borre and [:GeemanUK:Grant] [ on the mailing list] it seems to be the consensus that [] should be something similar to [], but obviously with a UK slant.

Things to be included

Please add content here, under relavant headings.

What Ubuntu is

  • It's an alternative to Microsoft Windows
  • It's Free/Open Source Software
  • It's free as in beer
  • It's easy to set up and use, you don't have to be a geek
  • You can get free, friendly community support
  • It's being used in education
  • It features secure and up to date software for browsing the internet, email, instant messaging and office/productivity.

Concise, inspiring description of FOSS

SteveSmith: Could someone write something under this heading that's so short and so beautiful but that still encapsulates all the important bits that we'll all be in awe of you for weeks please! (Something that reads better than my last sentence would be a start)

AndyFerguson: In the meantime we have a couple of useful Wikipedia definitions ( and

Where you can get Ubuntu

  • Download it from []

  • Request it on CD free from [], which may take a few weeks at busy times

  • Buy it from third-party organisations immediately if you can't download it and need it quickly (please add known sources here)
  • Get it from a local distribution point (found using the map see below)

Communicating our Plans and Achievements

Pimping Ubuntu related events happening in the UK, or events that will have a ubuntu-uk presence such as Lugradio, software freedom day, linuxworld-uk, any ubuntu installfests. Also a post-event write-up detailing how the event went, any statistics decided upon etc. These post-event write ups could then be possibly fed back to the fridge which will also make the team more visible. This should probably take the form of a blog (in a fridge-like manner) and also a calendar of events (using launchpad for this?)

UK specific Ubuntu news

In a similar vein to the above, any UK specific mentions in UK media or the various uk linux magazines. Could probably be posted in with the above section, and again fed back to the fridge if particularly prestigous.

Planet UK

Everyone loves a planet (see for example)


We are creating a map similar to the Belgian LoCoTeam maps ([ Dutch] and [ French] indicating where free/non-commercial support/friendly faces can be found. See [:UKTeam/GetUbuntu/Map:Map Planning] for more details


Robster3: I think it would be a good use of the website to have a forum for team discussions, as I think it would be more accessible than the mailing list. I would suggest SMF for this, as I think it can be linked into Drupal which has been mentioned as a CMS for the site.

DeanSas: We seem to have got on fine with a mailing list so far, I'm not sure why a forum is needed, lots of the other ubuntu teams manage fine without one, it would just splinter the community into forum users and list users. If we must have one it would be far more sensible to have a subforum on rather than bother with administrating and updating our own. If this discussion is to continue, could it be on the list?

(Please add your suggestions to the page, or add comments below including your name)

PriceChild: (MailTo(pricechild AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)) Hey there, I thought i would just suggest the use of Drupal if we are going to be doing a website. I've had some experience with it and I can't explain how powerful it is! It's powering right now if you wanna take a look. I'm happy to help out with anything related to this. Pricey

SteveSmith: Hi Pricey, good to see someone else involved here. Do you know if the other LoCo teams are using Drupal? Whatever we do, it should visually match everything else Ubuntu! As an asside, no offence meant to anyone's writing that I'm reformatting on this page, I'm just trying to keep everything concise Smile :)

GlennjiMason: I'm not sure what the other LoCoTeams are using (it's [ MoinMoin Wiki] for the [ Ubuntu wiki]), but we could easily adopt the Ubuntu look and feel with Drupal. There are also some [ location-based modules] we may be able to use, including location plotting.

CategoryLoCoTeams CategoryMarketing ["CategoryUKTeam"]

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